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Let me explain.  If you have any pain, there is a truth that you have yet been unable to see, coincidingwith an action you have not yet taken.  Compare it to a new game that you have not been told how to play, and you are suffering because of it.  


Through the simple explanation and demonstration of the rules of the game (the REAL reason you are here, alive today on this planet) we explain the game, the rules, and most importantly how to WIN! We realign you to the truth and the pain/ illness fades away. Please don't take our word for it.... TRY IT OUT xx 

Quantum Healing for your 5D Ascension

Welcome to 5D!


'Where Understanding exists, Pain cannot'

Beach Sand

We are excited that you have been guided to this website. 5D is a provider of high quality, Rapid Intervention, Quantum Emotional and Physical Healing techniques and supporting information. This website is about helping you process and release both emotional and physical pain quickly and easily, to end all forms of anxiety, stress, illness, dis-ease, depression and other ailments, sometimes that have been around for decades, and has even been passed from parents to children.


This work is extremely powerful and can yield results as quickly as you can understand and digest a few concepts, based on understanding the human mind-body-spirit relationship, hung on the framework that is the meaning of life.

We are the mechanic and you are the vehicle, and just like when a vehicle breaks down, we take the broken/ fractured parts and 're-pair' them to have them working perfectly for you again.  When the mind is operating in balance and harmony, the emotional and physical counterparts represent that healthiness.

We are here to support your ascension into a new paradigm of health and wellbeing in its totality. Check out our 1-2-1 sessions for maximum benefits! 

in service, with love, the 5D Journey  Team xx 

Getting the Gift!

Our whole approach to the work we do can be summed up as Get The Gift, this is a multi-dimensional reference.  See how you can access all we have to offer that will suit you and help you the most.




Use the free guidance and tools on the website that would cost thousands in professional or course fees.  Use them to empower all areas of your life and get them working brilliantly in no time. 


Fast track your growth and access quantum levels of healing with one of our  1-2-1 sessions. 

Use them to super boost your development, perceptions and understandings of your life and where it is going.    


Do you want to use these super tools in your own coaching practice? Would you like to change people's lives in 1 session, setting them free from pain that they cant seem to break free of? Contact us for details to turbo charge your career.

Plastic Sheet Floating

- Jan, England -

I would like to repeat that my experience was brilliant and I highly recommend everyone has one, I think they should be mandatory for all humans 😂
It's like Nicki reaches into your inner most soul and verbalises what you know, but are too afraid to admit or sometimes even look at.
She is so good at reframing things so you see them from a different angle, so many 'aha' moments, and great suggestions as to how to move forward using the tools.

As there is so much to get from these sessions it's good to review, make notes and thankfully Nicki shares hers with you too, I think it would be great to record any future sessions too. At the very least even if you don't have a breakthrough persee, or feel like there is just so much to work on, the support you feel - just to be heard, the love, the understanding, the empathy, the non judgement, the complete trust is utterly amazing.
I think the main thing I got, was something you can't buy, HOPE.
Hope that we do hold the keys, hope that we do have the power in us and hope that people like Jen and Nicki are here to help us. 

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