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Image by Anna Gru

Who are We?

After meeting through the US New Earth Transitionary Government Council,

the UK members felt to create communities both virtually ( and physically for the UK to unify and share their 5D ascension resources with anyone called to them.   


This team will grow and change as does everything in life.  

By getting to know and reach out to us, and get support in using our free services and tool bag,

we hope to transition those just waking through to their 5d 'arrival'. 

This is the most profound change you will go through in your life, it will blow your mind,

knock your socks off and birth you into a new awareness that will have you

thanking the day you were born, again and again.

To you, from us, with love xx 


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Archeia Rose

Intuitive Oracle

My spiritual journey began in 2017. Q is 17th in the alphabet, Q for Queen - Mother God woke me in 'her' year.  The twists and turns of my spiritual journey are not for the faint hearted, but understanding 'As above, so within' really helped me appreciate that my life's experiences were so much harder because my calling was higher.

I found God in the physical in 2021 and this changed my life.  Suddenly my struggles became my super-powers and I became so grateful for every trigger or experience I was gifted to use to grow further as a human. 


Spiritually I have a very strong connection to the etheric and Galactics and in later years have become a vessel for message to come through for others. 

I am so grateful and excited to be at this stage of my journey, and share how I healed myself with others so that you too can join us in Heaven on Earth. 

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Archeia Passion

Quantum Healer

I hid from religion at 9, and God found me on a flight to JFK when I was 20! Since then my life has been full of self-manifested and God sent miracles and blessings that have led me to a place better than wonderland (I'm drug free, honest!)


I've had experiences that you literally would not believe, I'm amazed my husband does! But actually I'm just a regular person having extra-ordinary experiences.  


This joy is for everyone and it's my soul contract and  pure pleasure to bring it to you, because if you're human, it's your birthright, no matter what. 


My talent is emotional and event unscrambling to give you a perspective that brings so much joy in your life, is so liberating it can make you dizzy.  I'm the spiritual guru for the white van man! I take the complex and the extreme and make it as easy as having tea and cake.   

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