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~ Where understanding exists, pain cannot~

Grace had a quadruple breakthrough,

with her Parent relationship,

her romantic relationship,

her sibling relationship

and the M.E. she'd had for far too long 


Healing her mind, health and heart

I once helped a lady see that the M.E she had suffered for years was actually her unconscious mind's way to put her on her soul path. 

Her strategies in life were not working for her, and were not conducive to doing the soul work she was meant to.  It literally knocked her on her backside and forced her into learning and connecting with her spiritual side in an incredible way.  She was trying to increase her spirituality to learn how to heal her M.E.  It helped a little, but didn't shift the condition. 

After working together and getting to know our 5d Journey tool bag, I explained  "The title of your dis-ease even shows you where the problem is!" The unconscious mind is genius.  It was trying to show her all along, but sadly she could only see and feel the pain, both physical and emotional of its presence.  

"Super Me said I can heal from this really quickly, but I can't see how." Grace said.

You see it's not about beliefs, but conscious understandings that lead to creative manifestation. 

"The only way this condition will leave you is when you can see, appreciate and thank it for what it was trying to achieve for you" I replied.  "Because that confirms you're consciously aware of why the body had to develop the condition in the first place, it was an emergency response to stop you doing what was taking you in the wrong direction for your souls's growth.  Once you saw that, you can take over steering the ship in the right direction for you, and it can trust you to do it right.  It can now resign ! .  .  .  .  Remember, what you resist, persists

Grace had made her 4th big breakthrough in 3 weeks.

We talked about swapping out all the unhelpful habits she had about herself, ones that were made as a teenager, we talked to the young Grace who'd formed some conclusions and the current Grace gave her the advice she needed to heal and move on to more balanced, conscious conclusions.  We firmly established principles that her dream self would have, self awareness, self forgiveness, and confidence that comes with having the high positive intention in all she did.  


We got her to look at any Parts Conflicts and see what deal she needed to make.  She invoked her highest values and took the confidence in herself a goddess would emit, listening to Super You all the way. 

With both her romantic situation and her parental challenge, we were able to show her, that life was being her mirror, and it always reflects truth.   She believed the other party couldn't see how things were for her. Why were they 'running away' and being 'so tough on her.' Loved ones Shouldn't  treat you like that! 

It was in fact Grace who wasn't seeing the truth, who was being so tough on herself. Painfully and unjustly so.  She was running away from taking matters into her own hands, particularly the responsibility for making herself well and happy.  

"You've given your power away - you've made it the other persons job to make you happy, and not your own" I explained.  In the case of the parent's treatment of her when she was ill, it wasn't love and support she wanted but irritation and frustration from her parents.   

"The ultimate demonstration of love from a parent is to help the child succeed in life, to be independent, to be self sufficient, emotionally and in every way possible. Your parent was not going to give you the chance to get reliant on connection when you got sick, for fear it would become your crutch, and waste the muscles of independent happiness.   She must love you so much to be able to be strong like that, when your baby is in pain, it hurts the mother, but she kept fighting for you to find the will to recover yourself, or cope better than ever".  When you look at all the unconscious behaviours - She, like everyone else, was your angel.

It was a similar situation with her lover.  She'd put the onus on his actions to make her happy - 'If only he would.....' but all it did was make her needy, emotionally unstable, and disempowered (in her Crazy 8). Once she saw a similar pattern there, she immediately was able to take back the full power of making herself happy, and knew she had found the strongest stability and connection (6 human needs) that she could.  It was never outside, with another, but inside, with herself all along. 

Finally, her ultra successful sibling had been showing her what a successful life strategy looked like, but she had not been able to see that before, only that she was far less in comparison.  "He was also being your angel by showing you what a good life strategy looked like".


Grace reviewed all her unwanted negative emotions and what triggered them, and then realised if she consciously put herself in perfect balance and not at any other point of the Ego spectrum, she was able to do everything she wanted, in alignment with her health, relationships and work passions.  Her wellbeing both physical and emotional improved with each breakthrough, on the same day.  

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