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5D Light Centers

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Welcome to our wonderful physical community.  

We join every Sunday following the SITP groups for all that is enlightening.  


Community of likeminded free souls that protect and honour individual sovereignty.  All open hearts welcome


Introductions to all 5D concepts, exploring pathways and sharing inspirational progress.

5D Products and guidance


Develop your and family wellbeing, abundance, community and quality of life. Enjoy a large support network  


In these fascinating years, history will look back and say this is when humanity became an enlightened species.  

People are realising that the powers in control till now have not had our wellbeing at heart, and are no longer fit to do this job.  The misdemeanours against humanity come together under a global umbrella so large and far reaching, encapsulating the absolute largest of establishments, organisations and power houses, and have infiltrated our lives in EVERY detail,  to the very programmes our kids watch and the down to the substances we use to brush our teeth with. 


Their kill (and rob) or be killed attitude has however been their own demise.  Under universal law, what you give out comes back 10 fold.  And this is the unfolding of that demise.  Many still sleep through this awakening, and many are not meant to wake. But Covid is the catalyst for people to realise their need to reclaim the power they have given away unknowingly, for so long. 


It therefore brings about the life cycle anew.  This is the time new systems are needed and develop.  The awakening of mass awareness as to what has gone on, and Covid, is rain on the seeds of a flourishing, new society.  


The seed is planted in the earth that is the human's spirit of justice, truth and love that can now form the frame that we build our communities around, and raise our children with.  

The power of  One...

It takes an extraordinary little effort from one person to achieve a tsunami of change.  

1 idea.  1 word of encouragement.  1 effort to contribute, be it putting a sticker in your car, making the tea for a group, or building the new framework for a national system.  And we need all of it. We need those ideas, those words of encouragement, those pioneers to offer a better way. Because that is becoming a conscious people, that is choosing, that is declaring you will only accept good from those that want to influence the masses.  That is the 5th Dimension.  

For those that have, and have become aware of their sovereign rights, emerging among them are the frameworks for new, free and benevolent structures that support the thriving of humanity.


We will wake up and learn how powerful we are, and bring peace and happiness to ourselves as individuals and communities alike, and it starts here with you. 

You are the individual and you live in this community, however small or large you want it to be. When you look back on your life, you will be able to say one of two things, I did nothing, or I did something.

'Life begins at the edge of our comfort zone'

is well known, but I'd like to suggest this,


'Feel Alive by Creating our new Comfort Zone,

a new community founded in Truth, Benevolence and Love'


If you would like to join us, or put your self forward for others to connect with in your area, please complete your info here, leaving your details and region in the comment box.


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