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Flip-ping Dis-ease

Find the real blessing of your dis-ease, and eradicate long term illness in a matter of minutes. Dont believe us? Good ! Check it our for your self.  

Meet the reason you are alive...
         - meet 'Super You'

You are MEANT to be here.   Even right here, reading this now.

YOUR life and everything in it has happened just the way you have created it to be so.

Maybe not consciously, but absolutely

You came here to be an incredible human being.  A Super Being. 

Imagine that being now, you, at the absolute best you can conceive.  


However you can only be that person if you are operating FROM THE HEART, because that is where the very best of everything comes from. You have also heard it as unconditional love.  And the snag is - you can't be unconditionally loving, without the conditions...

The easiest way to overcome conditions is combine Super You and the concept that Everyone is your angel.  Creating the scenarios and conditions to bring about the opportunities for super You to show up.  

You can't be strong or 

You could easily be the most incredible version of you imaginable. Take a moment to think of them now. Against all the odds, no matter how much trauma, or how long or how damaged you believe you are, you can become stronger and better than you have probably ever imaged before this moment. Ands you can do it with almost zero effort! .  How can you do this easily?


Regardless of anything that has happened to you?


There are 2 ways.  


!. Do everything that Super You would do. Just take a moment to think about it beforehand. Simple. 


Ahhh but what if you r ego gets in there first? What if you're really stressed and under al to of pressure.  What if you are so tired, in shock or have had enough?!


Cue, number 2. 


Realise everyone is your angel. 


You CAN be the person of your dreams. How? 

Meet Super You. 


Take a moment to imagine Super You ......


They are the most amazing version of you, that you can imagine.  


How do they look? What is their general mood?  


Now think of  your biggest issue.  How would Super You handle it?  


What advice do they have for you?  


'Super You' is the best source of guidance you can ever have.  And to double check you are listening to Super You not Super EGO!, just ask yourself the question,


What would Love do now?

Balance is key here - Love for you as much as Love for another.  

Loving a bully means not letting them bully again. Love for yourself means healing yourself, and giving you every opportunity to grow and become Super You.   

How would your life change for the better if you acted like Super You every day? 


This is a just a small sample of the nature of the tools we have for you here.

As you move through the content, people around you notice changes,

quite often very significant changes, and you start to become a beacon

for everyone else to be able to make powerful changes for themselves. 


Can you imagine the positive impacts that can come from this?  




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Heading 3

The link between physical illness and die-ease and emotional trauma is nothing new, although in the age of popping medicating pills, you may think it's easier to open a jar and swallow than opening your heart and mind to fix the hurts that may reside there.


Pills try to treat symptoms, but becoming happy in your mind, peaceful in your soul and joyful in your heart is easier than you think, and acts both short and long term, far better and often quicker than any doctor prescribed medication.  


So why don't we use it more?  Well for one it's not pushed by the main-stream at all as a remedy.  If there's no money to make in it... ahem.  Any Awake friend can wax lyrical to

you on that, and second, till now it's been rare to find the information out in full, for free

to really comprehensively deep clean your emotional health, which is the absolute

key element to unlocking perfect general health.  

And to those who are using it, well it just sounds too good to be true to the unknowing sceptics, and so generally, they don't have the confidence to try, or if they have, without clearing their emotional baggage first, well you can't juggle when you're in handcuffs.... 


Sceptics tend to have one common element, they are oblivious to the power of their own ability, and for the rest of us, we are not in the habit of looking at it from a soul growth point of view.   We get caught up in everyday life, but that is the first symptom that we are not quite on the best track for ultimate health and happiness...

You see, developed physical limitation is a clear as day metaphor for what's unbalanced and out of sync in our life.   It's your ego's way of putting it right out there so YOU CANT IGNORE IT. This usually means its gone on for over 18 months with no positive progress.  Divinely perfect, dis-ease also comes packed to the hilt with life changing powerful gifts, enlightenments and tools, not only for you, but everyone who knows about you.  


Sometimes I am amazed with the literal message behind a condition, from paralysing phobia's that STOP you doing something that you were told / you believe deep down that's bad for you, to cancers that developed after a person ignored all the other warning signs to slow down, a broken ankle didn't even stop her, but the big C did.  It worked, and she is alive decades later to tell the tale, as part of her new career that the big C also brought about.  


All we really need to do is get a pair of glasses.... 


that helps us see  C L E A R L Y ,  maybe for the very first time.... 

Speaking of clear vision, check out our gorgeous sun-gazing blog, that helped me ditch the short sighted glasses and open up the precious Pineal gland.  


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