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The EGO's language is thought, the SOUL's language is emotion.  

Learn how to use both to end physical dis-ease and emotional anguish.

Are you on the fast-track to happiness or holding yourself back?

Emotions are messages from your soul,letting you know if you are seeing things in their highest truth.  Good feelings are the soul giving you the thumbs up, the green 'GO' light.   

Thoughts that are in Ego, meaning serving only the self, can give you a range of emotions, mostly disconnected and unpleasant ones.  This is your soul shouting


STOP ! You're missing the golden opportunity!

Move AWAY from this line of thinking!  


The clearest example is the relief you feel the second you have resolution from an argument. 

The average person is probably in ego 75% of the time, in one way or another. Outgrow your ego with wisdom and it wont have a leg to stand on, and you get the penthouse view on life, no matter where you have come from.  Get rid of ego, watch disease fade away*.


*This refers to developed conditions and invisible illness, but can also include many other ailments and issues. We are definately not medically trained health advisors, this advice is in the form of spiritual healing that can imprve the physical body. You are responsible for your own healing.




Emotions are our spiritual feedback prompting us to move away from unpleasant emotions and toward good ones.  


This happens when we see the problem for what it really is, a golden opportunity to demonstrate the best parts of who we really are, all of them being a reflection of unconditional love.  


'You can't express


when everything is perfect...

you need the conditions....'


Simply by changing our perspective, you Get the Gift of the situation, and the pain drops instantly. We realise how this was set up in our favour all along, it was fear and ego that overtook us and caused the pain. You can now understand that we can't be the wonderful thing called "forgiving' if there's nothing to forgive.  

We can't be that amazing thing called resilient, when everything is stable and secure... when you Get the Gift of the situation you realise there was nothing to hate, just opportunity to be had.

What gift is inside your problem?

If you want the truth, observe the feelings not thoughts

Abstract Glow

Transcending the Ego

1. Learn to recognise the ego's unwanted behaviour in action and identify it - Is it the sad part of you? The angry part? The scared part? etc.  It's anytime you're unproductively upset about something.  Being upset that spurs you to positive change is ok - being upset and not being able to stop it, is not. 

It could be about anything, anyone, or any point of your life, or future.


2. Listen to what it needs to communicate. What fuels it? What specifically is it upset about? What does it need? What would make it feel easier?


3. Apply some wisdom to heal it - sometimes general wisdom, sometimes specifics are needed.  The Key Concepts are really going to be able to pop this problem and provide the healing necessary. 


4. Make the deal.  Find out how to achieve this unwanted part's goal in a loving, positive and supportive way that is aligned with your highest values and beliefs.  This resigns the unwanted behaviour and realigns you to your higher self!  Consider getting the part to work with other positive parts or in positive circumstances only.

Life you love - here you come! xx


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