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Key Concepts

Accepted Truths to Dissolve Negative Emotion

Image by Raimond Klavins

You are in charge of your mind and therefore , your results

Being accountable for your life can end all pain -
Being a victim will destroy it

You control your mind and therefore your results

There are no coincidences

Trust Life (source)
The answer to every 'Why???!" question is = For your highest good

It's the flip!  Flip 3D (Fear) into 5D (Love)

Mirror mirror – the world reflects what the mind believes

Choosing is Creating

There is no failure, just feedback

It's not over yet, this is a snapshot in time,
and timelines can change

You know something because you understand its opposite

Respect others' opinion and unique view of the world 

'Should' is a dangerous word - use it wisely

Keep the power to make YOU happy - do not put it on another

Everyone is doing the best they can with what they've got
People are not their behaviours


The one with the most flexible behaviour wins


Unconditional Love.... requires conditions

Universal Laws :
Like attracts Like
What you resist, persists & what you look at disolves
Energy Flows where Intention Goes
Judging 'Good' and 'Bad'  prevent us seeing the truth
Get the Gift - that is how you win at life

Feelings are your truth, thoughts are not  

If you don't go within, you go without

Image by Kamran Abdullayev
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