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Emotional Healing - FAQ's

5D Ascension - Find your way

What is the Ascension ? 

This is an unprecedented time in not only our world, but in the history of the universe.  Our planet and the people living here are progressively ascending from the current 3rd dimension to the 5th.    


This means your life is about to change or quantum leap, for the better in a profound and important way.  It's almost impossible to describe, but something like having your life experience transition from birth blind to perfect 2020 vision in technicolour. 


The only thing that will stop this experience is if you cannot lose your negative emotional baggage including doubt, confusion, worry, stress, pain and fear.  This is largely because there will be a massive shift toward the higher energetic side of life. 

This means a life free of dis-ease, free of limitations, free of fear about finances, about anything! This can be achieved really simply, with free tools and guidance here on this site.  


You need no subscription, no free trial, nothing but to use the information here.  


These rapid and powerful interventions that can allow you to drop all negative emotion in as little as 60 seconds in some cases.  Multiple and dramatic breakthroughs can occur within an hour and keep ongoing the more areas you address, the more breakthroughs you have.


This is the walking across the bridge, experientially, into a new reality where your

dreams and desires can manifest quickly because the blocks and pain and misunderstandings have been fully released.  Your ego can resign, your soul work can start and pure joy takes place. 

We are here to assist your implementation of this material, specifically designed to support your journey, enabling it to take a fraction of the time and be smoother than if you were to do it 'alone'.


'If you have ever felt negative emotion, and not been through the profound and life transforming experience of rapidly transcending it,

you have no idea of the joy that is moments away'


Any degree of negative emotion sooner or later develops into physical dis-ease, sometimes becoming serious enough to terminate an existence.  Minor consequences include stress, fatigue, relationship trouble or breakdown, life crisis, and any degree of emotional discomfort, all the way up to the saddest outcomes.  And all of these start with a misunderstanding, a created belief or an observed conclusion formed from the age of 2 upwards! 

99% of adults' lives are shaped by these formative beliefs.
















The human experience is a journey of CONSCIOUS growth = Becoming fully aware of what you are and what thoughts you had that created the experience you are now in.  


Our Ego protects our survival with self centred thoughts and uses Fear and Need to direct us.  As children, the conclusions we form whilst in ego/ survival mode will stay with us UNTIL we have processed them. Naturally that can take decades!


But all you have to do for the ego to drop all fear and need is to realise, the world you live in is a creative stage, and you have been the producer (soul accepts a life contract) and director, you get to choose 85% of outcomes you experience in life. 


Which joyously means, if you make this connection and start processing the negative feelings that pop up, you get to graduate and experience pure joy all the time. 


However, if you take these beliefs into adulthood without consciously realising that every moment is an opportunity, a stage for you to play out the magnificence of who YOU are, the soul has to push you back on track till you see the TRUTH.  


It uses EVERY THING, PERSON and EXPERIENCE around you to get the message through. It will push as hard as it needs to until you breakdown and have no choice but to stop and look at your life.  

A little inspiration...

If a successful life was measured in the ability to connect with other people and share and build love, where true, everlasting joy lives, and 'bad' experiences were doors to that life, would you still deem them 'bad'? ....  

Life IS what you MAKE it x x x 

How do i use it ? 

Start by reading the Emotional Healing pages, these are like the rules of the game as it were.  Once you understand why we are here, the meaning of life etc, which is actually very simple, you can use the interventions like keys to unlock the problem to reveal the gifts inside. 


 If you have any questions, please let us know.  This is our gift in service to you, we want to help you use it. To fast track your first breakthrough, we also have a range of powerful 1-2-1 energetic sessions, with a team member for a mega high value for money service, or equal energy exchange.  

This site is designed for those who may be time limited.  Often just contemplating on one point while going about your day will be enough for you to unlock a lifetime of trauma, painlessly.  

You can spend thousands and years in therapy and still be none the wiser.

Until you look at your life and all thats 'wrong', with the question


"What opportunity of grandness is life offering to me here??"


You will not understand how to liberate yourself and others from any

emotional baggage, dis-ease or hellish times you may go through.  And when life throws you a real curve ball, the more you can extract the gifts behind it, the better and quicker you can get through it.


We will go so far to say that all developed physical conditions and diseases are reversible, and you can discover the hugely POSITIVE intention the body developed them.  If you find it hard to believe, we understand, and ask that you explore our material before you discount this claim.  It will take an hour of your time to find out.


We understand this may sound impossible, but we are here to prove otherwise.  In doing so, you see the magnificence of your true nature, and freedom from mental, emotional and physical dis-ease.  Being in love with who you are your life is the prize waiting for you, no matter what you may have experienced up till now.


This is just the start of the 5th dimension in action

- A Heaven on Earth experience

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