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Inner Work 

Crossing the Bridge to 5D


Image by Jeremy Bezanger


Congratulations for consciously starting your 5D Journey.   To access this pure joy paradigm, it is required that you learn how to process negative emotions into positive outcomes.  


The great news is it's like learning to ride a bike, a few skills to master and you are winning.  Almost every problem can be tackled with the same method because it's your perspective that will change when you have learned the positive reason you went through that challenging time.  


Initially there are 4 steps, but then afterwards, just using the right Key Concept or doing an Intervention can undo a problem in moments. 


1. LEARN:  Life's Purpose & Key Concepts 


2. ANALYSE: Your situation with the Intervention exercises


3. MANIFEST: A new experience with Manifest Mastery - thanking for the positive outcome of.......?

4. AWAIT THE TEST : As soon as you declare something, "I am generous!' for example, the universe sets the stage for you to actively demonstrate your new declaration. Watch out for it!  Need to choose again? Go right ahead with step 3 until you are happy with what you have chosen.   

You were brought to this information for a reason. Did you give up trying to ride a bike at the first wobble? Or even tenth? No you carried on.  You will have less wobbles here than when you learnt to ride a bike. 


  The most difficult thing will be to admit you may have been in ego when you thought you were right.  But if you can do that, the gifts are numerous and highly rewarding.


If you prefer to have someone teach you through the first issue, then we have a service 1-2-1 coaching experience '5D Healing' where you can learn how to quickly solve any other issues yourself.   

Image by Meg Jerrard
Image by Karina Vorozheeva

the process

As soon as you decide you want to do this, your Ego will try to stop you.  It will do this in 2 ways.

1. It will overwhelm you

2. It will distract you. 

This is the universe setting the stage to make sure this is no happy, unconscious accident, and that you KNOW IT.  

It does this by using the Ego's desire to protect you, but as with divinity, this is magic at work.  The ego is the parent of the immature conscious.  The shadow version of the Higher Self.  Until you are knowledgeable enough to parent it, it will parent you.  Period.


The ego is making sure you are in control before it resigns, that you have matured.  That you are consciously AWARE and working in alignment with your soul's reason for being you in this lifetime.  This is the Ego to Soul handover.

 This is major God work going on, within you, the only place that God can experience the individual representations of the parts of the whole of how she exists.   This is her proving her heart, over and again, when you choose unconditional love / gratitude in every moment.  This is where God gets to experience herself in action, not just the myth....

So until you can identify and thank the ego for how it was trying to protect you, and consciously action love over (insert any ego programming you've been running) it will keep running tirelessly - equal only to God's love for you.  


Nothing is a mistake - there is nothing created that is not working for the divine, especially within the vessel of a divine being! 


Because you have opened the situation/ issue and extrapolated the gift inside - and trust me these are gifts from God so they are always amazing!, then you will not evolve. 

The results you will get here will change your life forever.  We are always changing but this will be a quantum leap into a new and much happier you.


If you hit any bumps go back and contemplate the Key Concepts again, and remember - EVERYONE is your angel!  These gems are dynamite for popping a problem. In the future, you can nip any problem early

by just knowing these points.


So to start, choose a private time and get comfortable with pen and paper.  When the time comes to pick an issue to work on, take the Flat Tyre Test and date it.  Choose the most deflated area / issue you would like resolution with first.  


When you have a breakthrough, take a rest.  Enjoy the after effects. You will need a little time to process and recalibrate and catch your breath again.  

Oh and by the way, You're amazing and we love you xx


Tips for success

Set your intent before you start.  

This is manifestation rule no.1.  

Thank for a great, positive outcome.  Thank for it being easy, for the realisations coming quickly.  Thank for you Ego happily handing over your welfare to your Soul, God and Life's perfect plan, ESPECIALLY if things look dodgy on the outside.  Ask your angels for their full assistance ongoing.

Thank for the hugely wonderful joys that follow, benefitting you and others. And for best results, thank for a Miracle. 

Grounding - As a matter of course daily, you would greatly benefit from putting your bare feet on live ground, grass, sand etc. 

Drink purified, blessed water - Dr Emoto's water  experiments prove your conscious vibration changes the frequency of the water you propel your body and mind with.

Keep notes - a journal where you can free write would be fab.  Best yet, find an Ascension buddy you can help each other along the way. 

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