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Investigating Illness

& DUMPING Dis-ease

There are several  points I would like to make about illness and dis-ease. 


The first is the ability to live a joyous live even though.... (insert any non perfect physical condition).  Being totally honest, that's up there with Jesus walking on water for me.  I honour and respect the non-complainers and non-defeatists to the point of worship. Massive Respect to you ALL. 


My second point takes longer to explain.  The link between physical illness and die-ease and emotional distress / trauma is nothing new, although in the age of popping medicating pills, you may think it's easier to open a jar and swallow than opening your heart and mind to fix the hurts that will reside there.


Pills try to treat symptoms, but becoming happy in your mind, peaceful in your soul and joyful in your heart is far better and often works quicker than any doctor prescribed medication.  It works for both the short and long term, and is easier than you think.  The only thing you may have to swallow is some Pride.... 


So why don't we use this method more?  Well for one it's not pushed by the main-stream as a remedy at all.  If there's no money to make in it... ahem.  

Any Awake friend can wax lyrical to you on that, and second, till now it's been rare to find the information out in full, for free that really comprehensively deep cleans your emotional health, which is the absolute key element to unlocking perfect general health.  

And to those who are using it, well it just sounds too good to be true to the unknowing sceptics, and so generally, they don't have the confidence to try, or if they have, without clearing their emotional baggage first, well you can't juggle when you're in handcuffs.... 


Sceptics tend to have one common element, they are oblivious to the power of their own ability, and for the rest of us, we are not in the habit of looking at it from a soul growth point of view.  We trust the official establishments, and we get caught up in everyday life, but that is the first revealing symptom that we are not quite on the best track

for ultimate health and happiness...

You see, developed physical limitation is a clear as day metaphor for what's unbalanced and out of sync in our life.   It's your ego's way of putting it right out there so YOU CANT IGNORE IT. This usually means its gone on for over 18 months with no positive progress.  Divinely perfect, dis-ease also comes packed to the hilt with life changing powerful gifts, enlightenments and tools, not only for you, but everyone who knows about you.  


Sometimes I am amazed with the literal message behind a condition, from paralysing phobia's that actually STOP you doing something that you were told / you believe deep down that's bad for you, to cancers that developed after a person ignored all the other warning signs to slow down.  A broken ankle didn't even stop her, but the big C did.  It worked, and she is alive decades later to tell the tale, as part of her new career that the big C also brought about.  If only she knew earlier what her body was trying to tell her... but then it wouldn't make a story to heal the thousands that may learn and act on it ;o)


All we really need to do is get a pair of glasses.... 


that helps us see  C L E A R L Y ,  maybe for the very first time....  

Speaking of clear vision, check out our gorgeous Health Advice section for sun-gazing info, that helped me ditch the short sighted glasses and open up the precious Pineal gland.  


And lastly, something I have come to know about is Ascension Symptoms - which I admit took me a little while to take in.  In short, the first wavers who have woken up and have started their conscious ascension, are purging for the collective.  (Mahoosive respect to you JG, you know who you are -  you nutter!).  We have excellent channellings and articles that we re-post on this subject so if you are getting Blu's or Body Light Up's reading this, or it has triggered some resonation inside, please again check out our Health section for more. 

Dis-ease Destroying Food for Thought....

* Set your intent to have a powerful realisation as to what will lead to the restoration of good health for you.  It will start with a "Thank you for..."


Now take your condition and wrap a few questions around it please.


What is different in your life now compared to before the condition developed ?

What was going on that comes to mind ?  Where there any upsetting events, discoveries or relationships?  If you knew, intuitively what it's been caused by, what would it be?


Looking at the conditions' consequences, what impact does it have?

What is it stopping you do?  

What is it making you do that could be a 'good' thing? Like reaching out and connecting with others, when you were feeling lonely beforehand... 

What is the story of your life if I were to ask you "Tell me about this infliction" How has it affected your relationships? 

I hope this is enough to see how we analyse the root-cause of disease.  

Get your investigation hat on, and look at the situation with a curious mind, you will very likely make the critical discovery that will put the power of your own health where its always been, firmly back in your hands. 


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