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Chained Door

Key Concepts

Accepted Truths to dissolve emotional trauma

Image by Raimond Klavins

You are in charge of your mind and therefore , your results

Do you take accountability for your life? 

There are 2 general belief systems you can adopt. The first is being on the disempowered side life, you have the general attitude of 'the victim, it happens to me, I'm not able to control things' belief.


The other, is the attitude that no one is going to succeed at life for you, you have to do it yourself, make it happen, take responsibility etc, this is the empowered side of life.  This will have a HUGE effect on how you generally perceive life and the problems you will encounter, to help you see that actually you are able to manifest approximately 85% of your reality.


you control your mind and therefore your results -

This is why you can be accountable - because you realise you have an independent mind and know that ultimately, you are in control of it.  

There are no mistakes, no coincidences. The universe knows exactly what it's doing at all times. 

Mirror mirror – you can’t see something in another unless it’s in you

There is no failure, just feedback


This is a super powerful perspective, each time something goes 'wrong' you realise you just had info about what not to do to succeed - like a process of elimination.  It keeps steering you in the right direction by moving away from what didn't work.

You cannot understand anything, without knowing its opposite

Everyone has a valid opinion and unique view of the world based on   their own life experiences. 

should is a dangerous word

If certain things have to happen for you to be content, you are massively restricting your chances of happiness.  If you need money or popularity to be happy, the world not only challenges that, but you can make yourself miserable in the process.  we   impose should /should not's all the time.... lift them and see joy flow

creating your happiness is your job   - don't give it to others


Be careful you do not give away the power to   someone else to make you happy in life, in any way, to anyone!

Everyone is doing the best they can with what they've got


people are not their behaviours

The person with the most flexible behaviour wins.

NEED kills LOVE - True Love is unconditionally expressed

8. Universal Laws include :

  • Like attracts Like

  • What you resist, persists

  • Energy Flows where Intention Goes

'Good' and 'Bad' are judgment calls that can destroy our ability to see the truth  

Truth is only what we believe it to be

Feelings are your truth, thoughts are not  

Image by Kamran Abdullayev

Let's Work Together

If you need support with this any inner work, it would be our privilege to assist you at this important stage.  For more information click here

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