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To have this work, we need to understand the bigger picture of what we are, what's the point of it all, and what are the tools we can use to make it work.  We have kept things as brief as possible, but you can learn much more on our sister portal The Galactic Light Center and our shared Telegram chat and community. 

The Meaning of Life

  • The intelligent source energy - from which we all come and return to after death - has one requirement, to know itself experientially, that is in all it's individual parts, combinations and interactions. 

  • The energy that is at the center of this source is Unconditional Love and the Feeling there is pure ecstasy. 

  • This source energy is in everything that exists as we know it and far, far more. It is also the emotions, actions and every individual personality trait we have.  

  • Everything created is to serve the purpose "What am I?"

Humans are Mind, Body & Soul

We have an EGO, it's the part of our mind that focuses on survival as an individual. It uses fear and need to instigate emotional or physical fight or flight. It is the animalistic nature of us. The shadow self and the EGO's entire existence is based on JUDGEMENT and CONTROL.  Take the judgment call of 'good or bad' away, and the need to control an outcome, and the ego hasn't got a leg to stand on.  


It is this part of us that runs the show unless we consciously work in alignment with our Soul's awareness as the God selves that we truly are, and the positive potential of EVERY situation - yes even the very worst ones, based on the key concept of 'To experience something is to know its opposite'. You can only know 'up' when you understand 'down' for example.  

The Ego appearing shows you there is a 3D issue of misunderstanding the truth, specifically in that you have not discovered the gift that situation brought you, in your godly endeavour to know the best version of you.  


You cannot be strong if there's no challenge to overcome.  

You cannot be unconditional love without conditions to heal. 


By discovering the positive side of your situation, the issue will end and you will feel inner peace, love and gratitude for everything - you can become High On Life! and it is incredible. 

We create our reality with thought, word & deed.

We are creative beings, we are parts of the larger creative energy, like cells of a body and our creative tools are thoughts, that lead to words, that lead to actions. This is the creative energy hierarchy.  Love and Gratitude are the most powerful creative emotions we can use.  Emotion = Energy in Motion.  The best way to create something is to love it / feel gratitude for it. 

Bad Thoughts Lead to Bad Health

To be a healthy happy human being, it is imperative that we are able to 

  • Eradicate any and all negative emotional residue

  • Learn where our strategies in life are failing us

  • Be aware of how we unconsciously manifest our reality so we can create only good and positive outcomes.

Image by Kamran Abdullayev
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