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YOU are manifesting ALL DAY LONG - but are you aware of it?  If you're not making the life of your dreams, lets see where we can help.

Here we discuss a few crucial tips you must use to ensure you are being the super creative being that God made you as!


1. Do it with Love

Once you've realised why your life has had its up and downs, you can now start to fully appreciate the power you hold.  Your love of life is liberated.

When you can see all the positive intentions both emotional and physical disease had for you, you don't need them anymore!


Let that sink in for a moment....


ITS TIME FOR THE GOOD STUFF! See it as your graduation present.


You see you are a creative ROCKET! Your mechanics are tip top, you just need the right fuel, instruction manual and to set your destination! 


So, where are you going??


2.  What do you want?

This is the question.  What would you love to experience? 

If you can catch this creative wave quickly enough, you can ride it for longer.  It should follow the realisation that the current outcomes aren't aligned with your highest vision. So, what's higher? 

The bigger the dream the better.


However, to start with, start small.  Car parking spaces or a funnier than usual experience.  Catching trains is a good one, but that doesn't mean you sit back and relax, but it maybe the difference, that makes the difference!  


So the magic code is : 'Thank you for....' and FEEL the gratitude, relief, happiness, whatever positive emotion it would bring... the more emotion you an muster, the more manifestation you master.

Just don't visualise a PINK ELEPHANT!

 ????? The clue is in the next col ;o)


3. Rinse & Repeat 

So the key in the actual manifesting part is like keeping a seesaw absolutely level.

The Dream is at one end of it and at the other end, is the absence of that dream.

(If you've given fear up to the angels, and gotten the gifts, this will be easy)

Where ever the weight of your energy / thoughts / focus/ attention etc goes, that's what you'll experience.  

So how do you not resist your dream scenario not happening? 

First realise that your Fear Fuels Loss, certainly loss of happiness. 

When you're over riding belief is 'Trust Life' to bring you what is highest for you in that moment, for your soul's growth. Because that is what's happening, ALWAYS, it's just that 85% of the time, you have a choice in the preferred option.  And when you don't, know it's in the hands of the Angels and universe to bring you what's highest for you. 

PS If you master manifesting, you've already won in every area of life. You don't need anything, because you know you can have anything!

Do's & Dont's


  • Do daydream - My most unexpected universal gifts came from unconscious day dreaming.  This is different from being in fantasy.  Fantasy is role playing from the mind, in ego. Day dreaming is shaping desire from the heart and it bypasses logic, this is its power. Dream BIG.

  • Do use the positive  - Compare 'I don't want it to rain' to 'I'd love to feel the glorious sunshine'.  Can you feel the different energies behind those 2 statements?  

  • Do harness gratitude - The e-motion of gratitude is the most powerful manifestation tool as you are confirming with the universe from love that you've already received it.  Know too that subsequent thoughts can also shape it.


  • Don't put a limit on what you can create!      This is probably the biggest pitfall.  Do not mistake your creative power for that of the universe.  Its power is far beyond anything you could ever conceive.  Asking for your wildest dreams is a walk in the park for the universe, if you do it right.  

  • Don't be indecisive  - Use the Conscious Living Tool to help you discover exactly what will work for you in any area, and then set the ball rolling. 

  • Don't resist any other outcome - What you resist, persists.  Trust Life. Choose again, then surrender to the universe.

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