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Currently, many of the 144 are undergoing incredible transformations through their experiences, by transmuting the dark to light - this is the work that their souls planned to be a part of. We embrace all experiences and know that all comes from love. When a conscious awaken Being takes on these more intense experiences and denser energies, they transform the energetics not only for themselves, but for the whole of Humanity and CREATION. They participate in returning all to love - the greatest love story ever told. This is the most advanced and incredible mission your soul will ever take part in. There is literally nothing that tops this incredible Creation changing story. You are at the forefront of rewriting history. That is why in moments, it can feel a little overwhelming.

Collectively, for the next 6 months we are undergoing a mass planetary transformation and healing. A mega breakdown to breakthrough. And you brave soul, chose to be at the forefront - taking on the experiences and being a conduit for the New Earth energy to come through YOU for Humanity. You are the portal for the New Earth. You are learning how to become a master alchemist and innerstanding how to work with and manipulate energy. Your divine wisdom of how to alchemise all back to love, makes you a magnet for miracles and magic - a mirror of your ascended master capabilities. The retrogrades that we a currently undergoing, 3 to be exact, can make us feel like nothing is moving forward as the planets are literally moving backwards - as above so within. Yet this is just an illusion, and the stand still is exactly what Humanity needs to heal. Often the greatest quantum leaps and evolutionary steps aren’t made when we ‘doing’ or ‘pushing’ but in the moments when we are forced to stop and go within. It’s the flip of what our Ego wants us to do, because it knows this is when the magic happens. When we take moments to feel. To sit with it all. To let it ALL surface, that is when the biggest steps forward are made. Many are resistant to this process, as it may not be the most pleasant of processes or experiences, and the Ego hates feeling uncomfortable, but as we embrace full feeling for the first time in 26 millions years, we allow ourselves to fully feel, and we release the baggage that stops us from becoming lighter and ascending. We rise in love, as the shackles of density are released as we heal. It is a time of stopping, being, feeling. Releasing and then allowing the new in. There’s a reason they wanted to keep us busy and distracted. The crystalline form’s are activating at an accelerated rate, as we are holding more light than ever before in our physical vessels. The Plasma light entering our bodies is purging all the lower from our denser 3D bodies, which has been reported by many recently as a very intense process - one which, needs much trust, surrender, self love and patience. We fully trust and surrender to the process of becoming our greatest grandest versions. Divinely orchestrated as always, by our Divine director (God), and the planets who are working with us to cleanse and clear Mother Gaia. As she releases, so do we. Your incredible self, wanted to play a grand role in this mass cleansing process and your assistance comes through the experiences you take on and you learning how to move the density through your physcial vessel. You are a fractual of God and an incredibly powerful Elohim ANGEL. There is no experience, that is more powerful than you are. Have you remember the power you hold yet.

When pluto goes direct in Aquarius in January 2024, after retrograding in Capricorn for the last 6 months - clearing out, much of the old patriarchy and old cabal system we will have a massive collective shifts toward the New Paradigm. Heaven will be felt and seen within and without. Creation will be celebrating. This is your time to shine my Angel. You can not stop YOU or LOVE. BRING IT ON ANGELS. Archeia Rose

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