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222222 - THE EVENT

The energy that’s been hitting this planet since January has been enormous. Continuous CME’s and solar winds. The consciousness and God is pushing this ascension harder than ever now as our upgraded bodies can handle the higher frequencies. The awakened being like never before are calling for their brothers and sisters to break out of the matrix. Conscious and awake beings can feel the rise in evolution within the collective, could this be the tipping point for our sleeping brothers and sisters?

I have read other channellers and had confirms from other resources of a possible solar flash on 222222 - this could mean a black out for the planet. My guides have been heavily putting the emphasis on getting this message through to me. They broke my lamp… just to make it clear…

As we head towards the portal which has been entitled ‘THE EVENT’, many have been reporting increased lower back pain and kundalini awakening symptoms. Our internal environment always reflects our external environment so seems appropriate for the physical symptoms to be surfacing as we near the portal. Lots of sexual energy in the collective which can be harnessed and alchemised as creative energy. Sexual energy is related to kundalini. As the kundalini rises up the spine, there would be an internal physical solar flash.

If a Solar Flash were to occur from vast amounts of energy hitting the planet around this portal we would face a black out. NO INTERNET, NO ELECTRIC. Society would be shut down for a period of time. This means its good to prepare, have bottled water and food ready in your home.

This solar activity would not only effect our physical planet but of course our physical bodies. This energy - much like the kundalini energy would physically awaken our brothers and sisters and stir mass awakenings.

NESEAR GESERA is being filtered out to the beings who carry the blueprints and evolution codes for New Earth and the 5th Dimension, and with all systems down The White Hats, would have the opportunity to get the Quantum Financial System in place and the get abundance to those who are consciously aligned. The QFS is ready, bu hast not yet been implemented into society.

My angels gave me the nudge to write this article. It's best to be prepared.

Love you

Archeia Rose x

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