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Quantum healing is a form of healing that goes beyond the physical realm and taps into the power of 5D consciousness and beyond. Those who practice this form of healing connect to the quantum fields, which are the fields of all creation. This form of healing is extremely effective and works very quickly in its results as it is grounded in the realm of quantum physics. LightWorker abilities in 5D are expansive and activated in higher fields of cosmic intelligence and knowing. When in 5D, you experience Claircognizance the all knowing and seeing abilities . As 5D structures are based in Truthful existences and experiences. Everything resounds in higher awareness, perspectives, and inner knowing 5D occurs within after the Higher self meld in conscious self. In the realm of quantum physics, 5D alchemists manipulate energy in any form, including healing. This form of healing is far more effective than traditional healing methods as it harnesses the power of the quantum fields, which is the most powerful force in the universe. Readers, mediums, psychics, and clairvoyants are also healers, including medical intuitives, if they wish to study anatomy to include this with their existing intuitive abilities. When you connect into the same energy used in the quantum healing fields, you have the ability to heal yourself and others. The most advanced healers, also known as master healers, reside in 5D beyond realms. As you continue to ascend beyond 5D consciousness, your psychic abilities will expand into higher dimensions. The more you ascend, the more you will attain Christ-like abilities in your healing. LightWorkers in the fields have felt a significant contrast between working with the new Earth energy and the old earth energy. This transition can feel unstable and difficult to navigate at times for those who are accustomed to utilising energies that bring in the best results. Many are still navigating their way to adapt to the new earth energy shift while integrating their own ascension changes. Ascension is a journey of self-discovery that involves healing the inner shadow aspects of self, which allows for a new paradigm of existence to be created. The process involves clearing the deeply embedded density of the cellular body, resulting in a purge and recalibration into a higher timeline. This upgrade to the blueprint system of the body results in a more youthful appearance and a slowing down of the internal body clock. It is a linear belief that we have to age by a certain time, it is a linear belief that we must suffer and have certain ailments by a certain age, this was purposefully conditioned in society’s programming. Ascending, meditating, time in nature, inner peace, loving feelings, and inner balance these are all the things that activate the internal youth within the self. This is in your smart body, your innate. An inner intelligence that depends on your conscious awareness, this activates over time in your ascension in self. Through the process of ascension, individuals tap to innate smart boby. This innate body is of superior intelligence and is responsible for the higher heart and higher brain. By developing an intimate relationship with the innate body, individuals can direct their healing abilities to areas that need assistance. The rejuvenation of the cells through this process optimises energy levels and allows for the shedding of most things, leading to a heightened level of healing ability. The quantum creation of self that is achieved through ascension is what ascending souls strive for, as it leads to elevated of consciousness and clairvoyance. In this space, ascending sentients have complete access to all remote viewing fields and a strong telepathic connection to all parts of life in all existences. Quantum healing is a pathway to embrace the many forms of healing available to us - physical, metaphysical, emotional, trauma-based, cognitive, relationship, inner child, and ethereal. This also includes Akashic healing and ancestral healing. By tapping into the power of energy and consciousness, we unleash our innate healing potential and experience transformation in all aspects of our being. The journey towards ascension is a return to the original seeded creation blueprint after being suppressed by physical structures in 3D. It allows ascending souls to shed their conditioned versions of selves and access their true metaphysical self, which is a magnificent creator in all higher versions of themselves. The hard work put into ascension is more than worth it, as the outcome results in limitless creation in infinite fields of dimensions. Ascension LightWorkers.

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