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The major planetary acceleration which will begin in July is already in the earths field. This weekend opens a significant gateway for all ascending hearts to vibrationally align, prepare, and serve as human form conduits of a new earth experience.

2023 Energetic overview First half of 2023 : Major Core Shifts within Gaia (initiated in March) to support a brand new level of Unity Consciousness. Second Half of 2023 : Accelerated Self-Realisation; the Crystalline frequency intensifies for biophotonic transformation. Photonic resolution of distorted creations. Rapid dismantling of distortions at all levels. June 25 - 30 - Choice Point This may feel like you are moving through a vibrational membrane. If your experience has been radically different this year, you will most likley feel a filter like quality as we move through this energetic choice point. Every time the Crystalline raises us to a new state of beingness our choice points are refined. Most are familiar with the choice-point experience; moments when the personal vibration either matches the New energy and realms, or needs to level up. It allows us to refine our experience and Soul's desires for Ascension. This is a sacred marker and passage to reset your personal fields, DNA and trajectory for highest outcomes. Fast, cleanse, take action on what stays and what goes, and shift to Cosmic higher perspectives . Apply Divine Neutrality as you clear your path; the Presence is active, yet compassionate. This can be very transformative for those taking on the new realm Crystalline templates since March. The purity of Presence has no limitations. You feel the expansiveness. You naturally apply this Infinite possibility to your journey. The Focus is on the amplification of Divinity: Peace, Compassion, Divine Neutrality, Co-Creation, and the field of miracles emerging in these realms. We are becoming the open conduit for these qualities which transform realities. Every positive, expansive action taken by a high-vibrational Human is amplified for the collective now. Use this skill as a responsible co-creator of new realms. It is always showing you what is presenting to be released, reset or revealed in your personal journey. All positive actions, large or small, affect the whole. Acceleration is imminent; Crystalline structures are holding a brand new frequency in the Ascending collective. This literally shifts realities, and dissolves distorted creations. the new Earth Crystalline frequency is flowing through the Heart Stargate. Ascending souls holding this high new vibration has more influence on collective outcomes. The collective is now being shown what is possible with collective planetary Ascension The choice point experience allows us to refine our journey and clear our path to Ascension. High-vibrational actions have a positive effect on the collective. The new Earth Crystalline frequency is shifting realities and dissolving distorted creations. Those holding this new vibration have impactful influence on the ascension collective outcomes. In Love, Light and Collective Ascension Service, written by Ascension LightWorkers

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