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Vaccinated or unvaccinated we love you.

Asleep or awake we love you.

Black or white we love you.

Masculine or feminine we love you.

Light or dark we love you.

Separation is an illusion. We are one.

Separation is part of the 3D matrix - duality.

The cabal love to create separation as it keeps us out of 5D.

They made us feel separate from God when really we are all gods and goddesses, co creating with God beside us - creating heaven on earth.

Separation creates fear, mkultra programming within the collective and most importantly in their eyes separation causes division instead of unity.

Unity is a big threat to them.

It’s people coming together to form powerful allegiances.

It’s a higher frequency of the collective consciousness.

It’s frequencies raised through higher states of happiness and Joy.

Unity conscious is the 5th dimension.

5D New Earth can only be done through comm-UNITY so no wonder they want us to fight.

The duality and separation is also a reflection of our own internal division and battle. What are we fighting within ourselves that we need to heal. Inner union reflects as outer union as we create our own realities. Is it self love we all need a little more of? This is why healing your self emotionally is the key to unlocking your level up for the new paradigm.

Love yourself as well as your brothers and sisters a little extra today.

Have compassion.

It’s as easy as that.

Love you

Archeia Rose x

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