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Expansion is an understatement

Higher self initiation paired with the 22222 portal ahead. We have just kicked started into rebellious Aquarius season backed up with Plutos direct power and its created nothing short of a beautiful feeling of soul expansions and a liberating Big Bang- feels like a breath of fresh air x1000. It’s bigger than that though, way bigger.

We are feeling pushed to our limits but not like we use to feel stretched. It’s easier now. The shackles of slavery have been released and we are flying. We are stepping into a new age of freedom. We are emerging as new humans. Never seen before. Our DNA has changed and it’s because we chose the light and truth. We chose the harder path because we knew it made sense and we recognised love, it’s what got us all here. We are no longer scared, no longer conformists, sovereignty is just the surface. We fight for our brothers and sister who are still asleep and will continue to do so as our love is unconditional for humanity.

The physical and mental exhaustion so many are feeling currently feels like we are pushing so hard. We are rebirthing and this time it’s as a comm-UNITY - all energy is go. Our future selves know what this momentous push is for. A portal of consciousness to a new realm- created by no one another than us - beautiful strong humans. A vortex of upgrades consisting of human consciousness pushing further and further. Life force created by humans on will power and love alone. From being controlled we beautifully discovered how powerful we are and haven’t we risen. Thank you, we are eternally grateful 🙏🏻

The sky is the limit with the light we have all created and we are holding on this planet now.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the event.

We are the divine intervention.

Thank you for all your work pushing for love.

You shine so bright everyday.

You have no idea.

love you

Archeia Rose x

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