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Extreme and intense planetary change imminent. We are all preparing for the unexpected.

There is extreme and intense planetary change occurring on planet Earth and within ourselves as we are now exploring the deeper chambers of our hearts This moment carries immense power as you incorporate all that you have learned in the past few months, from recognising your innermost desires to overcoming external obstacles and paying attention to synchronicity and signs. By doing so you are setting in motion the path to your personal growth, development and fulfillment.

As you embrace new pathways and open yourself to new experiences, you overcome the barriers that once held you back. You will feel more determined to prioritise your values and dreams, refusing to let go of what your soul seeks.

This is a time of renewal, of birth and transformation, where passion and joy can integrate to reveal the best version of yourself.

Starseeds The difference between this time now and the past is evident in your mindset and behaviours. In the past, you might of jumped from one path to another, grasping and hoping for something to work out of mainstream methods. This time around, although your ascension progress might feel slow, you have totally abandoned any 3d mainstream approaches. You are reclaiming more of your authentic Self trusting your intuitive guidance with inner confidence and trusting in yourself and the process.

Many Ascending individuals who are feeling challenged on their Ascension path at present may be experiencing a sense of displacement and disconnection, as if their footing has vanished or their existing foundations are crumbling.

This may manifest as detachment from those around them and an overall feeling of disconnection and dissociation They may also be feeling as though they are standing in a void or empty space, devoid of any emotion.

These feelings will start to dissipate over the next 3-5 days.

With every step you take, the Universe offering constant confirmations that you are on the right track. The feeling of authenticity this time is genuine and undeniable.

Over the last few days Ascending Souls underwent a significant entity clearing related to Mercury going direct.

These darker entities had been validates hindering personal growth and development, but with their recent release, we can now fully embrace our true selves without as much negative interference.

You can possibly feel you’re self changing from deeper within you, Earth is undergoing extreme transformation and this is your decisions, affecting all of us, the remainder of the month of May will continue to feel extremely intense as the Earth energy continues to rapidly shift and change.

June prepares us for bigger global and inner changes ahead.

From July onwards the planetary energies will not feel the same for the rest of the year. As Gaia earth prepares to accelerate earths planetary energy into higher collective awakening, expect to see big chaotic changes in the collective starting in July Ascending Starseeds will feel prepared for this major shift in Earth’s transformation. The main stream collective will continue to show high levels of dysfunction however this will escalate from July onwards as we will see major turmoil in many of the global collective structures and systems.

We are all preparing for the unexpected.

It’s a good time to delve deeper into self to see how you would like your future self to be moving forward.

Meanwhile we are now in the waning crescent energies of The New Moon, bringing with it loving higher energies filled with lighter frequencies of radiant vibrations and within this comes higher opportunity. The new moon Energy encourages us to elevate our inner worth and belief in self, to trust in the universe to always guide us in Ascending and Giving us the strength and courage to move forward with stronger faith and conviction.

Ascension LightWorkers

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