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During the process of recalibrating energy levels, there will be various potential physical symptoms. These ascension symptoms may vary from person to person. Dizziness or lightheadedness: Feeling off-balance or experiencing momentary dizziness can occur as energy adjusts and shifts within the body. Fatigue/lethargy: Recalibrating energy levels will always require additional energy and can temporarily lead to feelings of tiredness or lethargy. Nausea or digestive discomfort: As energetic shifts occur, ascending individuals will experience temporary stomach upset, nausea, or digestive disturbances. Changes in appetite: Some may notice fluctuations in their appetite during this time, such as increased or decreased hunger, as the body adjusts to new energy levels. Headaches or migraines: As energy centers (such as the third eye or crown chakra) are recalibrated, headaches/migraines can arise. These symptoms are often temporary. Increased sensitivity to light and sound occurs during the recalibration process, potentially leading to discomfort or the need for a more quietand soothing environment. Body aches and muscle tension: Physical discomfort, such as muscle aches or tension arise as the body adjusts to shifting energetic patterns. As the third eye undergoes upgrades, there will be modifications and enhancements in vision and perception. This will result in the appearance of brighter colours and a shift towards perceiving faster light frequencies. The upgraded third eye allows for a heightened sense of intuition, expanded awareness, and the ability to see beyond the physical realm. It enables ascending individuals to tap into higher states of consciousness and gain deeper insight into themselves and the world around them. We may experience dizziness, trippy vibes, and nausea as we recalibrate our physical, energy, and emotional bodies on a magnetic level. This process facilitates blissful and euphoric waves. Other common symptoms include intense anxiety and sleep disturbances, such as insomnia or excessive sleepiness. These are a result of the energy fluctuations as your system adapts to the new alignment. engaging in dream time activities becomes more profound as timelines close and new layers of dimensional awareness integrate. As we release old programs related to self-expression and self-worth, congestion around the throat and chest may occur. Ringing in the inner ear, stabbing type pains in the head, feeling lightheaded, shallow breathing. Issues related to eyesight, water retention, and digestion along with feeling overwhelmed, confusion, memory relapses zoning in and out, and having some issues in expressing emotions these are all common attributes in the collective ascending experiencing. Ascending souls are releasing and clearing deep emotional energies connected to past lives and their past in general. This process operates on a profound level. Ascension LightWorkers

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