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Entrainment has been described in past reports as the process of choosing higher, neutral, LOVE-based, Heart-centered thoughts consistently enough to entrain the body and nervous system with the unified frequencies of GOD…ultimately enabling the state of embodiment that allows for our DNA to work directly with our Higher Self complex to create in the material planes.

From what I can tell, this new/next level entrainment will directly follow the Heartmind calibration via the Mercury & Venus retrograde cycles. Of which, we are again reminded of the importance of these retrogrades in that they are recalibrating the Heart & Mind in proper alignment, with the Heart processor in first place…i.e., the dominant processor…as it was originally intended to be.

NOTE: This Heartmind calibration also sets the stage for divine (flesh) union partnerships to take root in the (2) month of February, with the Feminine force finally in first place at the physical level of life. As within, so without. Here we can begin again, creating healthy, healed & whole relationships based on divine gender balance…as an external reflection of our inner, Sacred Marriage.

As the Heart was the first to enter into her reclamation & recalibration cycle, she takes the lead, in a manner of speaking, to ensure that all wiring that follows is in a secondary position to the toroidal Heart field. Such is the case with the current Mercury retrograde cycle which is responsible for calibrating the mind/body in alignment with the now-healed Heart.

As these masculine & feminine processors merge back into a unified field they essentially create a (sacred) third processor…what has been referred to many times over as the unified Heartmind processor. This unified processor is what we could call “the ascended processor” because it contains the essential m-f balance point required to participate in the ascended realms, via the unified (GOD) grid.

This is why it is so imperative that we balance these creative forces within for they are the key components to our ascended reality and the creation of Eden. To be clear, we cannot create in unity with either processor individually because separately, they only contain half of the equation required for complete creation.

Instead, we must be able to create with the Trinitized (ascended) processor of the unified Heartmind…the construction of which has been many years in the making. And now, thru the completion of the current Mercury retrograde cycle, we will finally have all the required software & hardware requirements needed to utilize it. Enter entrainment.

Think with you Heart

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