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Inter-dimensionals if you please

Divergent timelines (of the earth) form when we go against the natural cosmic order. These timelines stay connected to earth in higher planes. Thus, within these timelines are divergent humans. We call them alien b/c their form no longer retains the full human essence.

This can be confusing because we have difficulty grasping the massive amounts of time that it has taken for these kinds of mutations to form. However, when we understand that time travel technologies exist, we can grasp that many divergent forms of humanity may exist.

Once a human diverges to a point where their essence is nearly dissolved, they seek to return to a time in their own evolutionary past where they can potentially regain what they have lost. This is why we see the 'Zeta' or 'Grey' involved in mass Genetic harvesting and hybridization.

The reason why we struggle to accept this definition of 'alien' beings is because we do not have a shared working model of a multi-dimensional cosmos that includes a deep understanding of timelines & time travel. We have a limited, materialist version of a multi-dimensional cosmos.

Once we do understand the timeline factor we can approach inter-dimensionals (aliens) differently. We can begin to read, or analyze, what time or evolutionary stage they are from, and what exact connection they have with our planet. It's a paradigm shift.

By Gigi Young

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