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The Divine Mother Elemental Activation

17th July - 3 week course.


Mother Gaia is calling for her children to place their hands and feet on her skin and reconnect to their Divine Mother.

She is inviting you on a journey deeper into your innerstanding of yourself, guided by your Divine Mother. She wishes to share her magic and secrets of her mythical Elemental Kingdom with you. Unveiling her greatest wonders of her heart, will you choose to accept?

Preparations are being made and a call has been sent out to all workers of the Light to reconnect with their Divine Mother, to assist in healing the planet and themselves so that the New Earth energy can be anchored further.

This workshop will activate our Elemental essences, through healing and connection work with the Planet, Trees, Plants, Elements and Elemental Beings such as the Fairies, Unicorns, Dragons and Mermaids - whoever wishes to join us our this enlightened adventure.

When we slow down, and take conscious moments to feel the magic we open a portal to love that is ever present in the stillness. The Planet, Trees and Plants are calling for us to work and be with them. The planet holds many Ascension activation points and DNA upgrades which we activate when we stop and interact with the planet.

This will be a 3 part workshop, which will run over 3 weeks starting 17th July.

When you have signed up for the workshop, you will be added to the Telegram group, which is where all times and dates for the classes will be shared. To book a place:

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