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Activate your Super Consciousness This session is specifically tailored so that the individual receives the Etheric healing, Quantum Breakthrough and Divine Guidance that they need at this stage of their Ascension, directed by their Angel teams. This session is carried out by both Archeia Passion and Archeia Rose. Working directly with your Angels, Mother of All Creation and The Galactics, we will be signposted as to what healing is highest for you.

The sessions are built on the foundations of Quantum Healing or Etheric Surgery, and Divine Guidance - whatever we are guided to do from Mother of All Creation and your Angel teams.

Etheric Surgery

The Etheric Surgery takes place in the Etheric realm by Mother of all Creation, The Galactics and The Angels. This surgery works on healing your physical vessel. These surgeries are designed to remove any density, chips and implants that have been placed in your physical body by the Cabal. They may be the route of any physical or emotional illness. Quantum Healing

The Quantum Breakthrough works with your spiritual team to actively transmute emotional pain and density at the highest level. Quantum healing techniques and channelled information from your guides as to why the problem or block is presenting this way for you. Once it has been cleared, the Higher Self is able to embody more fully as the density has been dissolved. Quantum jumps in timelines can be felt from this process. Divine Guidance

During The Quantum Divine Intervention Session, the Angels will provide us with any guidance that they feel is relevant for you in this moment. Information on your Divine purpose and mission may be shared by the Angels and Galactics. The Angels, may take this opportunity to activate and strengthen their connection with you, coming forward individually and letting themselves be known. This Divine guidance can really assist us in remembering the love we truly our and our true Divinity. The Angels heavily want to reheart the power, which each individual holds, and their incredible impact and important role, that they have to play in this Grand Planetary Ascension Process. All of Creation is so excited to connect with you.

YOU can accelerate your evolutionary process today. Book this session:

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