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To The Ascension LightWorker Soul Collective : 1st Day of July 2023 A significant shift in the Earths timeline has occurred, resulting in an acceleration of momentum. This shift is activating a higher level of consciousness known as the higher self consciousness, allowing for the integration of God/Source codes of Light. As a result, ascending souls are evolving into a heightened state of being, with enhanced abilities and a greater connection to the multidimensional aspects of existence. This shift will manifest more tangibly in your physical reality. Starting from now, there will be a greater presence of manifestations in the physical realm, as the collective consciousness has consciously opened this reality. The efforts of light workers are characterised by endurance, perseverance, focus, dedication, self-connection, and self-realisation, have played a significant role in reaching this point. The unlocking of multidimensional aspects is centered in the heart, leading to a growing sense of being more multidimensional over the past four years. This unlocking will propel the collective into new levels of awareness, with the heart serving as the gateway to receive new information and Light codes directly from Source. This heightened state will grant you higher insight, knowing, seeing, and telepathic abilities. You are currently in the process of purifying karmic relationships and releasing the attraction to them. These relationships were formed during the Piscean Age and have caused feelings of loss, fear, pain, and victimhood, which would of have had a negative impact on your health and overall well-being. Your intellect and instincts are now guiding you to make swift decisions in reclaiming your power and control from these external influences. You possess the clarity and determination necessary to take the necessary steps. By clearing this duality from your life, you are opening yourself up to a multitude of blessings. Ascension symptoms related to this Shift you may be experiencing dizziness, disorientation, and fatigue. Headaches , sinus pressure , skin irritations , dental issues .Other common symptoms include intense anxiety and sleep disturbances, such as insomnia or excessive sleepiness. Ear ringing and inner Arsr sensitivities . These are a results of the energy fluctuations as your system adapts to the modifications and higher vibrational alignment. Digestive issues may also arise, including changes in appetite such as overeating or loss of appetite. The Vagus nerve, which extends from the brain to the digestive system, is susceptible to imbalances, leading to potential digestive issues . You are releasing and clearing deep emotional energies connected to past lives and the past in general. This process operates on a profound level. The transformation begins within through practicing self-love and self-acceptance, which will reveal your inner radiance and true essence. By cultivating a strong foundation of self-worth and embracing your innate light, you are paving the way for positive changes in your life. This planetary transmission carries the potential to catalyse a deeper level of awakening for souls who are ready to embrace the universal truth. It serves as a reminder to remember, re-connect, and open ourselves to receive new codes of consciousness. As we tap into this transmission, we have the opportunity to expand our awareness, gain new insights, and align ourselves with higher states of consciousness. It is a time for inner exploration, growth, and the integration of elevated wisdom and understanding. Embrace this opportunity to delve into the universal truth, allowing it to guide and inspire your journey towards greater awakening and alignment with your soul's purpose Ascending souls are receiving and integrating these new codes of consciousness with openness and clarity. In Loving and Dedicated Ascension Collective Service . Channeled / Written by Ascension LightWorkers . copyright

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