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At this time, for those not actively involved in regular and multiple daily meditative states, much of the current energetic and luminary transitioning will take place in astral or dream states of consciousness.

This may present as vivid and active lucid dreaming states. This is an inevitable part of your current ascending conscious awareness and there are many sources that provide information whilst you are in this state, from both on and off world. ​ ​Whilst we choose to work with many during your night time sojourns to provide teachings and understandings, your affinity for polarisation also draws you towards Other sources of information, which despite providing clarification to that which you wish to learn, may present itself in a not so pleasant or understanding manner.

As you advance through the higher frequencies of Fourth Dimension, you will pass through several differing states of conscious existence. At the Soul level, many have chosen to bypass this state and await direct transition to Fifth Dimension, which will be discussed in a further lesson transmission. These bands of existence are currently being ‘cleared’ and purified by Astral Specialists who act as Medium’s and Soul Realignment workers.

Many of those who transitioned previously have chosen to remain in this purgatory state so that they can continue to support, watch over and influence their loved ones remaining incarnate. To achieve Sovereignty during your own personal ascension journey, it will be necessary for you to accept that your former earthly connections are being severed which allows these Loved Ones to continue onto their own Soul journeys once again. Know that Loving Bonds remain for eternity in a Soul Quantum Entanglement and YOU will retain versions of you that will be reunited again.

Lower Astral states are at their thinnest state of the ‘veil’ at this time. Those who continue physical, mental and emotional obsessions of addictive and ingrained patterns of behaviour at the expense of all other aspects of their life, will have attracted entities desperately seeking to continue their own attachment to an illusional reality of their former existence. Their influence seeks to dictate, control and drive the desires of their chosen victims to continue in their destructive states of behaviour. Again, there are those specialised incarnates that are empowered to separate and detach entities from those who Higher Self seeks to bring forward the Light of Illumination once again.

Know that Third Dimension has precedence over Fourth Dimension and none may remain attached to an individual Soul that has chosen to regain their Sovereign rights to their earth born existence. Fourth Dimension has provided a gateway to many forms of creative and ritualistic worship towards Beings and Forces that operate entirely within Service to Self orientation – in exchange for knowledge and power. Attenuation of the Veils brings these Forces into conscious awareness as that which was hidden becomes revealed to the collective. This is a necessary stage towards these energies becoming exposed to the Light in which their power and control dissipates. It will become a vital part of your current ascension progress to integrate that which is revealed and we offer Love and Compassion whilst working closely with you through this process.

Fourth Dimension is being purified and cleared of its former emotional echoes and patterns of Egotistic Form to allow smooth transition for those who choose to experience the vast amount of informational experience contained within these ancient archival Akash energetic frequency bands of existence. This then allows you direct access to your own learned abilities and skills achieved over former Lifetimes to complete your Soul Signature integration.

We seek to ensure that journey’s amongst these planes of existence through poly-locational travel or in dream state are no longer governed and overseen by those in Power using Fear but by Being with Love and to provide pure unfettered access to the huge resources of knowledge gained from the experiences of mankind throughout his Ages of Learning.

This is the Fourth Lesson

With Loving Blessings

Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB

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