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The human body is a vessel for energy that is beyond the minds comprehension. The mind sees the world that lies in front of it but can not perceive the world within itself, by itself. Only the heart can do that. Only the heart can show the mind the power and expansiveness of the true nature of the human being.

The heart is the communication centre for all that is magical in this world and every world that exists on all planes of reality.

When I connect to my heart I see the fire that burns in the eyes of a man devoted to freeing the Earth. I see the power of standing for something just and true. I see the love of a brother and sister standing together against the shadows of a lie cast by entities that want to enslave a world of beauty and grace.

When you see the truth…

When we learn to see the truth of that which is around us… when soil is gold, when leaves are emeralds dancing in the wind, when the ocean is a sapphire flowing and filling, when the flowers are mini suns radiating light from the cosmos. Only then will we perceive the true wonder of what this world has to offer.

To perceive a world beyond the one in front of you… now that is true freedom. To perceive the world beyond is to see the boundless nature of all things. We have been indoctrinated to put a box around things. To take a little sapling of an idea and smother it in a rigid square box designed only to limit the true beauty and wonder that it holds.

When we stop limiting life we will see it for what it is.

When you dance with your soul, and fly with your heart you will be free. No man or woman will be able to dictate your life because you are life. You are life itself forever supplying the love and abundance that Earth embodies.

My brothers and sisters… do you think you are alone?

If you do then open those eyes and see the family of light that is present with your soul always.

There is a legion of beings walking with me on this Earth walk. They are the whisper from the wings of a buzzard or the ticking of a clock as it strikes 11:07. They are the lights flickering in the night sky and the presence of love when I am channeling and out of my body.

There is nothing they wouldn’t do for me and there is nothing they wouldn’t do for you.

Wake up.

Stand up.

See the power of the being within. The soul of 1,000 suns.

The new world is here and we are the bridge between dimensions.

The pillar of peace and hope that never falls.

My physical body may die. My eyes may close for the last time. But what I stand for… What we stand for…

Will be felt by the children of the next generation who wake up on a bright summers morning in their own space of love… free at last.

Find that fire in your heart and let it liberate you from the shackles of a lower intention.

My knights of light. Men and women in shining armour. Stand in your sovereignty.

James Malins

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