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Since the Lion’s Gate of 2021…when the energies of the new year/New Earth timeline broke and the new codes started streaming in…there has been so much emphasis on “mission”, which is presented as a (missing) piece of the cosmic puzzle for so many. This month I am hearing that there is finally “a growing understanding among LOVE & LIGHT workers around personal mission”…where our veritable Gifts of Soul meet The Divine Plan.

And yet, there is a continual sense of urgency with this…an impression that there are some of you who are fully ready/qualified to step into these new level roles/creations but are holding back, waiting for the “right moment” and/or misdirecting (squandering) your leadership. These blockages could be directly related to what seemed like past failures, tho in reality the timing just wasn’t right. The fact is, we are here now…and the clarion call has been sounding our new marching orders.

For a framework, “mission” in this case is a reference to the New Earth/ascended level Service work & creations that those who have graduated from duality are readying to explore. This means that the unified level of consciousness is a requirement to embark on these unified level missions and so it is emphasized that only those who have completed their karmic contracts are in a position to retrieve these (divine) orders.

For those who have, this is quite a time to behold for it carries with it the memory of our future (ascended) Self, as stated previously. It is this merger of our future Self with our present self that initiates the unfolding of our collective Divine Blueprint….collective in the monadic sense⇾ i.e., the Blueprint for our multidimensional House of Souls.

This reconnection with our Soul’s Army enables us to accomplish more than we can currently conceive of for the simple fact that we have not had access to our completeness. Now that we are reconnected, will begin to remember forth our multidimensionality in such a way that we will begin to “take on” the attributes of those soul team members who can assist us in our earthly mission from the stars⇾ i.e., on Earth as it is in Heaven.

And so, before we move on to the galactic guidelines for our new mission contracts, an enthusiastic congratulations is offered to all “First Officers of the Christ”…New Earth missionaries, leaders & crusaders…for the accomplishment and attainment of such high honors. Our steadfastness has created ripples around the world that will (eventually) amount to a tidal wave of change for humanity & Earth.

Once again it is emphasized that all those stepping into ascended level mastery at this time are opening to these New Orders (mission contracts to serve the planetary ascension), even as I write this.

The reason the activation of these new contracts is so essential at this time is that they contain all the coordinates to the collective New Earth map, in a manner of speaking. Without these divine covenants, our/the ascended reality cannot take shape…and so I want to be clear about what this means and for whom.

For starters…and as a reminder…all those who are entering into new mission contracts are those who have attained divine neutrality thru the merger of masculine-feminine forces. This means that the post-graduate requirements to enter into Mastership are that of unified (LOVE·LIGHT) consciousness. For those who have mastered the laws of polarity, integrated their opposites (shadow), removed the seed point of separation within the Mind, Heart & Womb, and have regained the connection with their higher Soul aspects…these New Orders are now unfolding.

And so, for those who are beginning to grasp the fullness of their Second Life mission, some galactic guidelines are offered to aid in the understanding of how this may unfold.


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