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Beloved Souls. In order to receive the cosmic rays in your body and upgrade your DNA, you have to Be able to open your Heart so much that your Joy has to spread like a virus. No Matter what others do or How they behave, no matter the pain, the doubts, the weakness, the victimhood, you have to Be able to rise above everything like a lighthouse, standing strong in the middle of the storm. How can I do that? You are surely asking. Raising above is an art. Raising above means to set the strongest intention of integrity on All levels you can hold, it is your Will Power to face the illusion of suffering and stand proud like a Lion in front of everything with stillness and compassion. This is what breaks through the lower frequencies of Duality and Separation. You escape from the Matrix. The vibration of Unconditional Love is a poison for those entities Who feed on your lower emotions. Darkness uses your ego's patterns to penetrate into your Lower Mind. Raising above is an alchemical process. You can raise above through Forgiving, you can do it through Understanding, you can measure your development through your triggers. When you do not react anymore you are the King of the Kings and the Kingdom of Heaven is yours. You are a bodhisattva. The truth is that you are a light Beings lowered in a mortal condition by the dark forces From which you can resurrect Through fearless love. Mike Harrigan. I Am. You Are. We Are. Oneness. Global Consciousness..

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