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A message for the 144 from The Galactics.

The Sirius Gate and 777 portal allowed for many Galactic Sirian activation's to occur. Collectively you have been receiving Galactic activation's through sacred geometry. Take some moments to be present with these sacred shapes as they activate your DNA on a cellular level. These high vibrational shapes hold great healing power and are activators for your heart portals.

Gold and silver, hold the same healing properities as these precious minerals found on Earth do. The different colours, assist with cleansing and clearing your chakras.

You may find you receive messages, when present with these shapes and feel a more enhanced state of enlightened. The shapes can assist in raising your vibration. And as always they shapes, will mirror you. So if you take moments to be present with them, and open your heart to the possibilities that may present, you may be surprised at what experience you have with them.

As always, be open to magic.

Codes and DNA activations can be sent to you through many forms: Light, words, meditation, plasma, astrology, portals, music, crystals, sacred places, the sun, water and our experiences. The magic comes from being present and conscious with the experience.

Author Unknown.

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