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Notice unleashing our "inner magic" is about aligning with the fully -sovereign God conscious being within. When we wish to see veils or illusions in the external dissolve, this begins within ourselves. Its about reading our patterns, unplugging the programming, getting out of our own way. As we nurture strong discernment, we grow super- aware of incongruencies and stop allowing them to continue. The only way to create a soverign energetic field is to stop ignoring what bothers us and act differently. Karmic relationships are going. Discomfort arises so situations can be transcended, healed and integrated. Every trigger is a gift. Discomfort arises as long as we are triggered. What is not fully integrated keeps surfacing.

We are meant to purify and integrate the lessons. Go in deep to remove the weeds, step out of the Matrix. When we do not speak our Truth, we are not loving the self fully. Everything must be questioned. No more spiritual bypassing. We must let go of victim consciousness. Becoming super -conscious again is being aligned with ethics and morals that ought to be common sense. Its about knowing we can be in pain and not suffer. We are realigning with core values, integrity in practice. This unlocks the multi- dimensional self. Who are you being while you are doing what you do?

We see trans- formations within as we are ready to emerge as the phoenix. This is about coming into full alignment with our Crystalline Being Self. As we transcend the illusion of separation, we have conscious contact with different levels of consciousness. Everyone has to do his/her own work. Shifting onsciousness is moving from polarity consciousness to the frequency of unity consciousness. This is the Zero-point energy or the Holy Grail. Divine Love and neutrality are strengthening. Magnetic storms bring imbalances to the field. This is not about feeling no emotions. Holding balance is about being steady in the eye of the storm. Anything that is trying to play out is collapsing. Everything is unfolding in the Now moment. Focus on the child-like excitement of knowing all is well. Know everything comes together. Trust the unfolding. Many levels of battles are happening. Fighting simply feeds the fire. Centering or being at peace with oneself is the key. Listen to inner guidance to transcend survival fears. When we are aligned, believe in miracles, they turn up. Know your worth. Takes a lot of strength to stand up for ourselves.

Say no to what is not in alignment with true self. Believe we can survive and making a living doing what we love. Support your clearing. Huge DNA clearings are happening for the multidimensional collective codes coming online. Everything is revelaed to us in the Now. Breaking through the programming requires coming into balance. Be aware only the programmed mind is triggerable. Move beyond it. Betrayals come up in relationships in part from other timelines. This is not personal. We cannot allow people to project onto us anymore. A program within us allows it. Your feelings are your navigational guidance system. It dawns we are not here to fix others but to set boundaries and rise above our programming. We are watching the codependence and narcissists dissipate. First, we must come into oneness to sense the power of inter-dependence. Stop the shennanigans. No more energetic leaks. Send love and consciousness to those who do not grasp their programming. We are transcending persecutor, rescuer and victim roles.

This is the unconsciousness fighting for its "ego"self, its survival. Fom the moment you no longer fear attacks, abuse or negative expeirences, the program stops running. Heal the auric field. Be grown up about mental-emotional reactions. Say no to the universe about anything other than pure love. Empower yourself and laugh more often.

Liara Covert

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