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The profound energy of the recent full moon still lingers, and the energy of the 6:6 portal can already be felt as the portal is open. This mixture of endings and new beginnings can feel incredibly intense. You may experience various ascension symptoms in the upcoming days as we navigate this new cycle. Paying close attention to your mind and body as it will guide you towards achieving inner balance. Trust yourself and listen to what it signals in order to restore harmony within yourself. In June, expect to come into greater alignment with your soul, as your Higher Self guides you towards your path. You will experience significant upgrades for your highest good, including activations and integrations that will anchor your progress. Your system is currently shifting into an upleveling phase, you are now taking major steps forward in your Ascension journey. You may feel vulnerable and a little delicate today as you process past experiences of being taken advantage of, undervalued, and accepting wrong advice. It's important to detox and forgive yourself to regain trust in Self, remembering that you are unique and have a different path than most, embrace your individuality as you are not one to conform to societies expectations. Embrace transformation and courageously move towards your purpose and power. The plasmic light rays are entering every cell of your body, expanding your consciousness and helping you align with your true calling. This month signifies both successful endings of one chapter in your life and beautiful beginnings of another. You now have a blank page to start anew and follow your heart's desires. The universe is on your side and fully supportive of your journey. Allow source energy to guide you through this transition and fill your heart with confidence and more gratitude. The challenges you faced in the past have prepared you for this moment of major shifts. Each year, the 6:6 energy portal serves as a gateway towards higher actualisation of our soul purpose and mission. Recently, many of us have undergone a Rite of Passage to claim these new high frequency codes of expansion and reclaim more of our true selves. The collective consciousness has achieved liberation from wanting to conform to others' expectations, allowing for an evolutionary leap in consciousness. It is important to be true to ourselves, grow in our authenticity, and share from our overflow. Love that is not aligned with oneself and service without boundaries no longer belong to the old paradigm. As we detach from lower timelines, we pave the way for aligned outcomes. Our journey through this process will take us into the Solstice Gateway where a portion of the Ascending Collective will step into their highest timeline for the first time in a long time. You possess a valuable assortment of gifts talents and skills waiting to be unlocked. You have the power to manifest your desires by utilising these strengths. Right now, you have all the resources and abilities you need within reach to translate your dreams into reality. In this planetary phase you can pursue your goals with more confidence and determination. Ascension LightWorkers

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