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Previous to entering the chamber I was having some blockages within my Lymphatic system. Our bodies are detoxing and purging continually in these energies and our lymphatic systems can become overwhelmed. I was feeling into what I could do - sauna, cold water therapy, drinking more water and detoxing, in the 3D sense before I began my visit. I had felt guided to visit the Crystal Chambers. The vision then appeared and I found myself standing in a beautiful Rose Quartz crystal lined corridor. A white Light Being then approaches me. They appear to be an Angel, they offer me their hand and I accept. I was led by love into a beautiful Rose Sauna. There is a steaming Rose quartz bath waiting for me. I step into the bath and the beautiful hot water covers the whole of my body. I sit back and can feel the higher vibrational pure water healing me on a cellular level. Particularly working to assist clearing the bloackages in my lymphatic system. After moments of relaxation, the same Angel approach's me with a towel and I am then wrapped in a beautiful soft dressing gown and led to a rose quartz lounger. Blessed water is provided for drinking. The water sparkles up at me and is full of tiny rainbows. The Angels allow me to rest for moment after the bath. I am then led into a large crystal chamber, where in the centre is a beautiful beaming powerful white crystal. I can feel the love coming from it. I am offered a meditation matt and sit down. I can feel the power of the crystal penetrating, loving and healing every inch of my vessel. I can feel love in my heart, as I am being physically and emotionally healed and cleansed from this crystal. I stand up and wrap both my arms around the crystal, it is far larger than my reach, and the energy and love felt from the hug is like Heaven. I sit back down and look around, I soon realise that I am not alone, there seems to be many versions of myself meditating too. A large blue Arcturian Being has joined me now, I ask them why there are multi versions of myself there but they do not answer. All they say to me is, ‘Please tell the others about your experience and encourage them to come here’. After the vision begins to fade. I feel a recalibration to my system, particularly my lymphatic system, as I feel less bloated and well a sense of ease to my emotional self. We are transitioning into crystalline and I have been guided to share my experiences of working one on one with crystals. Tapping into their individual consciousness for healing and ascension assistance. I will be working further in the Crystal Chambers, as well as using the crystals to assist in my transition to crystalline. I will document the process and share. Why not visit the Crystal Chambers today - they are waiting for you. Article Typed at 144 Archeia Rose x

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