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The heart is the first organ to form during pregnancy and is critical in providing oxygen and nutrients to the developing embryo. The process of heart development is highly conserved between mammalian species, meaning that these findings may add considerably to our understanding of how the human heart develops. The first organ system to develop is the heart, blood and circulatory system, so that nutrients and waste can be transported throughout the growing embryo. The heart continues carrying out this same vital job throughout our lives. When the heart can't do its job, people's lives are at risk. The center of our torus field is the heart. The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field around the body. Therefore, the heart is the focal point for all that is. The heart center has its own torus energy field flowing around it in addition to a larger torus field flowing around you whole body. Thus an electro-magnetic field begins to envelop the embryo that You were, You became a magnet. The core is the Torus Heart it is the spark plug the lightning bolt that connects the Above to the Below. All Memory, which is vibrationally stored in Shape, in Crystal, and all Blood, which is DNA, must pass through its Gates. Red blood cells, the primary component in transfusions, have no nucleus and no DNA. Transfused blood does, however, host a significant amount of DNA-containing white blood cells, or leukocytes—around a billion cells per unit (roughly one pint) of blood. "We hypothesize that blood actively modulates how neurons process information," Christopher Moore, a principal investigator in the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, explained in an invited review in the October issue of the Journal of Neurophysiology. "Many lines of evidence suggest that blood does something more interesting than just delivering supplies. If it does modulate how neurons relay signals, that changes how we think the brain works." "Many neurological and psychiatric diseases have associated changes in the vasculature," said Moore, who is also an assistant professor in MIT's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. The blood rushes to active areas to supply firing neurons with the oxygen and glucose they need for energy. It is this blood flow, which can last up to a minute, that scientists track in functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to determine which brain areas are responding to different stimuli. Heart energy is a simple, welcoming, loving, all giving, all receiving, type of energy. It is a very broadband vibrational energy. It is a very easy energy for people to pick up on, to grasp, and to understand because it is that love element that so many understand, know about, and want to have. Research shows a strong connection between your emotions and your heart. Love, anger, sadness, depression, loneliness, hostility, a Type A personality – all of these can affect the function and rhythms of your heart. The heart is the most energy-hungry organ in the body. Just like a combustion engine burning fuel to power the pistons, healthy heart cells consume fuel molecules to create the necessary energy to keep the heart pumping. The heart communicates with the brain and body in four ways: Neurological communication (nervous system) Biochemical communication (hormones) Biophysical communication (pulse wave). Studies showing the importance of the heart in the heart-brain system have actually been around for decades, and the research continues to accumulate. The heart has its own intelligence, and its neurological system and electromagnetic field are actually much larger and more powerful than the brain's. The human heart transmits an electromagnetic field to around at least 5 feet outside its body. When our hearts are in close proximity, appropriate sensing equipment can show the direct impact of our heart rhythms on each other. Surprising new research is showing that the human heart is involved in accessing what is called non-local intuition. This research reveals that the heart receives intuitive information before the brain by a second or slightly more, according to published research conducted by the HeartMath Institute. The torus field creates a tube or central column that goes right through the center of you and your heart. It is through this tube that you are able to send and receive Earth frequencies of protection, grounding, balance and stability. It is also through this tube that you are able to connect and communicate to your Higher Self and God.

The Quantum Riddle

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