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The past few weeks, we have been receiving many downloads with the Planet Uranus being direct. Global activations have been made. The collective heart has come online. A new call to action has been sent out, not only to the Light Workers to take to their new posts, but to all of Humanity. From the 21st May we step into Gemini season, which will bring us a much needed light hearted fun vibe. There may be, a strong collective feeling to sell up, quit the 9 to 5, buy a plot of land and take your reality off grid and start a 5D Community. We are feeling the theme of taking our power back with the Current Pluto retrograde in Aquarius. It is time to actually begin doing what we all talk about. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is all about communication, so we may be challenged to see if we can be impeccable with our word and can follow through and alchemise our words into physical action and physical manifestation . A great season for networking and connecting with soul family. The past few weeks we can been transforming lower energetics and any fear and security issues we may feel connected to our finances. We cleared an incredible amount of density for humanity around this topic, so many thanks to all who fully trusted in The Divine when transforming the cabal monetary slavery system. I feel we have been working very hard energetically the past 4 weeks and the start of our Eclipse period has be nothing but jaw droppingly, action packed, quantum leaping momunentus moments. We have moved mountains as a collective and now we may just be rewarded for our hard with some light heart Gemini fun to the start of summer vibes off. Also look out for new 5D crafty creative business ideas and downloads you may be receiving. Journal and ask for guidance. From my diamond heart to yours Archeia Rose

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