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If we keep going on and keep seeing things as they've always been, then we will keep getting what we've always got. When we get stuck in polarised viewpoints and thinking, of good versus evil, right versus wrong, instead of seeing all the nuances and integrating ALL Multidimensional perspectives and viewpoints, we get stuck in and keep co-creating polarised Realities!!

It's super important to really 'get this' right now and it's not that we say something doesn't exist, it's more about coming up with new solutions of HOW DO WE FIX IT ALL!!? HOW DO WE CO-CREATE ALL NEW REALITIES?! We came to DE-CODE, RE-CODE & OVERWRITE these inverted Realities. WE ARE THE ARCHITECT'S of ALL NEW WORLD'S but that requires ALL NEW thoughts, beliefs/ programs too! So instead of thinking all the things into existence that could go wrong and feed your sacred life force energy to the fallen Timelines that 'they' want you to manifest for them,




And we came to be part of making this change happen SUPER CONSCIOUSLY! I find it at times shocking how many within the spiritual community are still stuck in projecting their unresolved inner conflicts and trauma out into the world around them, stuck in Polarity Consciousness and beliefs and they can't even see that that's what's going on even when you tell them. I guess all part of the cognitive dissonance and not wanting to take responsibility as part of our programming as this is what we were taught, to find fault outside of self for where we're at.

To feel disempowered at a very deep level, and it's also partly down to lack of inner contemplation, self reflection and self denial. We are programmed to keep ourselves busy with finding negative things to focus our attention towards that are going on outside of us, instead of going deeper within when we get triggered for example. We don't really want to look deeper as it's easier to blame the world around us than do the inner work. And of course we ALL have blind spots that we can't see, that's why it's so important to bring it up and out to see deeper and resolve it ALL from within, which is what these higher frequency energies are now doing automatically. It's a being resolved!

Beneath self denial and cognitive dissonance are deep layers of guilt, shame and feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness and lack of self love that require healing. Not dealing with our unacknowledged shadow aspects is what creates, attracts and feeds the demons and negative entities so we really have to get a hang of this pronto now, because we quite frankly should know better! We have a most important response-ability with how we use our sacred life force and energy and what Consciousness we project out into the world around us. Too many are still stuck in dogmatic, compartmentalized and categorised thinking patterns that are causing more harm than good, but that gets easily adjusted and corrected now if everyone can re-member the immense power they carry with every word, thought, belief, feeling and action we take!

We carry important keys and codes for the Ascension and when we project for example illness and death onto those that took the vax then we're part of the problem! To clarify, I don't mean that the intention behind them isn't nefarious but that many have seem to have forgotten about the power our Mind holds and that the energy we project onto things consciously has a MASSIVE effect on everything!! Tink placebo and no-cebo effect!! There are many examples of how people can ingest poisons in a highly conscious state and get not affected whatsoever. Everything is energy after all!


It's like when we keep expecting the worst from people that's what we will likely get. If we believe f.e. even / especially at a deeper unconscious level, that all men cheat, then we will be likely end up being cheated on. These are beliefs/ programs that our whole Realities are build upon and EVERYTHING IS THIS!!

We collapse and co-create ALL NEW REALITIES from the ZERO POINT FIELD OF NEUTRALITY, in NO-TIME. We can't do this when are stuck in polarised thinking. It shows us where we still require further polarity integration and alchemisation to be able to come to Divine Union Within.

Whenever we keep getting triggered into over emotional reactions we still have more to neutralise within ourselves. Because we will keep experiencing whatever it is we still have to integrate, as long as we get triggered. Apply this to all and EVERYTHING! Whether it's corrupted government officials, your greedy brother, a narcissistic friend or boss. We are here to reconcile and correct any imbalances within the ONE Consciousness through every interaction, every thought, every word, every belief, feeling and action we take. Others/ the out there is truly just showing us what still requires deeper integration and alchemisation WITHIN US. Discernment is different!! Every trigger is truly a blessing, invitation and opportUNITY to come to deeper unification with ALL THAT IS! All these mirrors show us what we couldn't see before. What corrections within the One Consciousness we are all part of and are still required.

We came to RE-CODE, DE-CODE and OVERWRITE the old artificial Timelines/ Realities and Consciousness THROUGH US & our own inner Transformation! By re-programming the Consciousness from the inside out! That's why I share all I do because they are the New Instruction Sets for the Consciousness that enable us to move from the old distorted Polarity, to Unity Consciousness, which is what the New Earth is based/ build upon. New perceptions and beliefs then project the Realities that align with these thoughts that turn into matter. We can't do this if we are still running polarised viewpoints in our own fields. It's also all inter-connected to our DNA and switching from the old, reversed, hybridised and manipulate codings, to our New Divine Blueprints now. It's all coming up and out to be seen for what it is so we can do the re-programming! Our DNA holds our Consciousness and it is the film strip to our Realities we PROJECT OUT!


This is key to understand and to keep re-membering and reminding one another because again, WE ALL HAVE BLIND SPOTS! We need to have / cultivate a super-conscious, strong and disciplined mind! To correct the inversions/ false projections/ holographic inserts and overlays. We have to go deeper and deeper and deeper within to resolve and reconcile ALL now! It's all inter-connected! We have to become super mindful of all we think and belief, as much has been co-created through our unconscious on autopilot, through outside manipulation, inserted thought forms and belief systems/ programs, and that's not a good thing as we can clearly see now!! That's why we have to


So far we have been co-creating not very desirable Realities, because we have been collectively in a mass psychosis that few recognise and try to help free everyone from. Ultimately we are all dreaming a quantum dream, imagining all this into being, hence it is so important to truly wake up now to what it is we have ALL co-created together as ONE and take FULL accountability and response-ablity for every creation, as if we were God!

That's the only way we can truly and fully re-claim our power as Super-Conscious Co-Creators and create ALL NEW. Let the old dissolve and collapse as we focus on the new. So far we have kept re-creating more trauma and drama unconsciously, through the help of the endless negative programming most of us have been exposed to and/ or exposing themselves to. We can't 'win this war', which is ultimately the reflection of the fragmentation and unacknowledged shadow aspects within the One Consciousness, unless we make the unconscious conscious and that's exactly what's happening at the collective level now!


We have to stop allowing our programmed and false judgements (projections!!) and unconscious to keep running the show and be the reason we reject, abandon, condemn and attack each other and become divided and conquered easily!! It doesn't re-solve anything and is ultimately a trauma response and very immature and is causing us all a lot of harm an just more pain! We become those we judge! That's the law of karma. Another persons perspective shouldn't make our own version of Reality feel threatened, or again, we have to see why that is so, transcend our own insecurities instead of projecting them out at others and causing more harm. We have to become master alchemists of our mind and emotions. We have to be able to agree to disagree without falling out with one another and let ourselves be divided and conquered by those who are really trying to cause us harm! We are targeting the wrong people so to say. We hurt those that are actually trying to assist and help us all come to Divine Union, instead of coming together as One! ATONEMENT! Which is what Ascension is truly all about, no?!

An ascended being has to master the illusions of this hologram to then shapeshift it all!


We have to stop letting our own unacknowledged shadow aspects (judgements) be the reason we get divided because right now, more than ever before, it is super important for us ALL to overcome this polarised, separation nonsense and STAND TOGETHER AS ONE UNITED FRONT AGAINST THE REAL OPPRESSORS!! And as we dissolve any remaining inner conflicts and oppressors, the outer shall also disappear, as EVERYTHING IS A REFLECTION OF THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS!!

I think it's obvious at this point, especially with everything unfolding collectively, that as long as we stand together against the tyranny and oppressors, that is when we truly win and BREAKTHROUGH and out of this prison Matrix!! We do this BY BEING THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

We have to become the masters of our minds and this Reality with all its illusions and delusions, it's distortions and inversions, not one that can be easily highjacked, manipulated and controlled! When we keep acting out of our trauma responses, then we become an easy target and will be likely used by others to meet their needs! Hence it's so important to heal & KNOW THYSELF and become a SUPER CONSCIOUS CO-CREATOR THAT CREATES ALL NEW WORLDS! We become THE ONE in charge of our own Realities and are happy to co-create harmoniously with others that can do the same. That's what is required for New Earth living! Everybody sovereign in their own right yet also deeply inter-connected and merged as ONE, working together on behalf and the highest good of ALL! We have to come together in unity, peace and as equals, to find all new ways of thinking and perceiving the world, come up with brand new answers, beliefs and solutions if we want a new world to live in!

If we keep thinking and belief in what we have always had, we keep recreating the same old same old Realities! It requires all new ways of perceiving and understanding the world to break through the old programming, as when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change!! It really is true. And when we withdraw our energy/ attention/ life force towards something, we also withdraw our life support. Look up the 'Quantum Observer Effect'.

Let's get BACK TO BASICS of MIND OVER MATTER and let us re-member our full Power as Super-Conscious Co-Creators again! Never has it been more important than now to stop blaming and being divided over nonsense and start coming together and up with, and focusing on the solutions! Everything is an energetic dance and whatever we fight, judge, condemn, are afraid of etc we keep feeding and keep helping to co-create. All triggers are blessings, as they are showing us where we still require a deeper healing of any unresolved trauma / fragmented aspects within the Self, and integrate ALL OF US, ALL OF SOURCE, through our own inner Divine alchemisation and Union.

If we throw our toys out of the pram, loose our cool and get offended every time someone has an opposing viewpoint to ours, feel threatened or triggered by it, then there's is most definitely more to resolve and integrate. This is how we are easy targets for negative entities, beings and attachments as 'they' play on this, keep trying to traumatize us and keep us in fear. They feed the generated energy of the conflict. Ultimately these are unhealed trauma responses that make the person an easy target for gaslighting and other energy loosh collecting activities. That's why it's so important to do the inner healing work and to truly get to know ourself, along with all of our shadow and light so noone else can use them against us anymore. Its not about someone's subjective idea of what is being perfect anyway. It's about being the most natural, authentic version of YOU that you can be at all times, warts and all so to say. In full alignment with God Source, which we ALL !! are in our Core Essence. Perfectly imperfect and never finished growing and expanding. We are many things, undefinable and we keep expanding, shifting and becoming more of your true self every day! Such is the beauty of this never ending expansion and contraction of the One Consciousness! Yet it is also unmoving.

We have to get to a point Collectively where we can sit together an discuss different viewpoints to come to true resolutions and stop behaving like kindergarten kids!! It's ok to disagree but if we get triggered into over emotional trauma responses, then this can be used against us easily. So be aware and next time maybe try to take a moment BEFORE reacting when you're feeling triggered, in a way that may not be ideal or you later regret. Mental and emotional maturity are super key right now and of course all-ways, along with a super open mind, not to mention heart and arms.

If we can't be those examples of New Earth living, of how we can come together to build bridges, to come to re-solutions over our disagreements and are open to see things in a different way, then how is the rest of the Collective supposed to?!! We came to light the way, to guide Humanity into a new dawn, a new Reality and ALL NEW WORLD'S! We do this by


It's really that simple, but may not come easy.

Re-programming these realities and overwriting them and how we and things have been before, for so long, with all new thought forms, beliefs/ programs and by BEING THE CHANGE, is what we came here for! It's all about integrity now and being fully aligned with our True Kryst-All Avatar Self. This brings everything else online as if by magic!

Lastly, please stop taking everything personally and so literally, and instead try and view and perceive your Realities through symbolism, in an abstract and archetypal way, as stories playing out and everyone is at highest level truly being played like a character by Source. I mean why is anyone the way they are, ultimately?! So instead let's try and view life a little more like when we tell stories to children to teach them lessons, morals and ethics. When we do we transcend the illusions of this holographic Matrix that is always speaking and communicating with us through many messages, synchronicities and symbolism, it will help us have a whole lot more fun with it as well as that's how we truly become the masters of the hallucination! Everything all of a sudden becomes much less scary!

Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona

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