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Source supports and loves all her children, as she innerstands that the lower behaviours, are just energetics which have been programmed, that they are not truth, and that they are the veil over true reality which is love. Everything is energy, and will all be transmuted and alchemised back to love, which is why we remembered who we are, and what we came here to do. Every Being comes from love, and is love. After we awakened from our amnesia we are rehearted of who we truly are, and what we came here to accomplish. We remember our power and our mission and our service to the whole, not just to ourselves. So, this all begins with taking full accountability for our behaviours, actions and programmings. Planet Earth, is a free will planet. Which means, you have the choice. You have the choice to apply yourself as much as you want, and your reality will love mirror this back to you through your experience. If you choose love everyday, to show up, to do your best, to heal yourself, to commit to becoming your greatest grandest version, because you know that when you heal yourself, you heal the whole - the blessings then start manifesting. And the above does, not mean running around like a headless chickens. It is the flip, it is slowing down and allowing. Finally stopping and deactivating the busy-on programming, which is used to stop us evolving, by stopping us reflecting and healing. Sometimes the most uncomfortable moments are when we are stopped in our tracks, when we are slowed down and forced to look in the mirror - this can manifest as illness, and the Ego views this as punishment or failure, when in actual fact the illness is from love and will help you evolve further and as you learn to heal yourself. The moments then come when, we really start sitting with it, with you and start from scratch. You can then begin to get to know yourself, as you shift out of the sympathetic nervous system 'fight or flight' - which allows no room for growth, just basic survival, and into the sympathetic nervous. The body can not heal in high states of stress - this is basic healing knowledge. Love is simple. When we begin to innerstand that loving ourselves unconditionally is one of the most simplest and fundamental principles of the Universe. You are God, and you are love. You have to begin recognising and honouring this. Embracing every aspect of self, because all that exist is love. Every experience, emotion, thing comes from God - which means you can love even the darkest places within yourself. Do not fear the dark or ignore the dark. This is ignorance. When we take moments to love ourselves unconditionally, and become conscious of the emotions, belief systems, programmings which we have been running to keep us in survival mode, we can release these, as they are no longer needed. You have remembered your power and connection to Source. You know in your heart that fear is an illusion and everything comes from love. There is no need to run the unhealthy survival mechanisms, which have kept you in fight or flight anymore. Now you can fully embrace all your experiences from a perspective that you are God. Every experience is here to love you and help you grow further and evolve. Finally we embody a healthy, mature love perspective that welcomes growth and life. Universal law states that whatever you put out comes back to you. So firstly will you give or take? Secondly, if from doing that inner work and loving yourself unconditionally, your vibration has started to rise so high. Your reality then begins to reflects this back - you changed your consciousness and thus changing your reality. You embodied love, so therefore you attract love. Your reflection is Heaven.

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