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We are programmed by our parents, siblings, grand parents, etc in an external sense through behaviour and language. We also carry genetic data from our ancestors and our family lineages. This is why this programming can take a little more patience to transmute. We not only consciously choose to take different paths to our families, we also internally begin to recorrect the genetic lineage on a cellular level. I have found that, transmuting my ancestral programming has felt like an intense resistance from my physical and emotional vessel. Most of our programming from our families has come from fear based realities, and ways to ‘survive’ were taught and passed down from generation to generation. Going against them, has felt like I will be accused of being foolish or going against the conditional love that surrounds these expectations. A lot of this programming brings up lots of guilt and shame, for going against the grain of what was taught to you. I send love today, to all the Black sheep of the families, who are trying a new, less well traveled path. Paving a better way for our children and Humanity. Following their hearts, taking bigger risks and going against the status quo. It take courage and can be isolating at time to be so different from family and friends. After all history is formed when two opposing forces go against one another, to make better change. A different path may feel disconcerting at times and disorienting to say the least, travelling into uncharted waters. Embrace fully any ancestral programming and belief systems that arise over the next week. Take moments to feel and sit with what thought loops are EGO based and hold a denser, more aggressive fear frequency. Then let them go. Thank you for following your heart and love. Thank you for taking moments to heal yourself, and in turn heal and change the world. It’s an incredible phenomenon to witness. From my Diamond Heart to Yours Archeia Rose

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