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Transitioning to New Earth

The last thing brought to my attention for this incredible moment on our journey was regarding our “transition into the New Earth Kingdom” and some of what we can expect as we shift into this new state of being.

To begin with, the (Aquarius) new moon on 2/1 + the 2:2 stargate on 2/2/22…is presenting as the official entry point to the New Earth timeline, followed by Mercury direct the next day (2/3). For those prepared, this (Aquarius) lunation is our release from the karmic timeline and simultaneous emergence onto the nirvanic timeline⇾ when the earthly experience of “heaven” will become a tangible (physical) reality.

From this upcoming lunation onward, I am hearing that all those in alignment with the New Earth frequencies will be provided with the (previously unavailable) option to maintain the Christed state of consciousness in our earthly affairs. This means that the vibrational requirements must be met in order to consistently hold the Creator State, which, as mentioned prior, will take some practice (entrainment) post shadow period, and likely in preparation for resurrection season post-equinox.

In light of this truly auspicious moment…when The New Human-New Earth OS will make its debut…I was offered the following guidelines to assist those transitioning into the unified (nirvanic) realms as each of us “take up the mantle of those ascended masters before us”.


- The first thing clarified is the understanding that we are transitioning from the state of being “a mere mortal” to the GOD state of unified consciousness…the latter of which ensures our reconnection to the Cosmic Self. This means that we will be at once human and galactic and that these two seemingly separate states of awareness will merge into ONE complete state of being. As this overlay (of cosmic consciousness) occurs, it will begin to fill in all the gaps of our disconnected human experience, as mentioned last month. These gaps are those created by the division template that has been falsely laid upon the human condition by the nefarious forces.

As this part of our Higher Self structure descends into the physical realm of our existence we will be overlayed with what could be called our “missing components of Self”. These missing components will act as a reinforcement to our life’s creation in that they will serve to replenish (with original/unified Life Force) those areas of our lives that have been starved of spiritual nutrition.

- As this overlay (Cosmic Egg) reforms itself around us, we will come to know those missing pieces and elements of ourselves that were previously unattainable. This is what was referred to in past reports as the “Human-GOD hybridization that begins with our return to & rebirth from the Cosmic Egg and which provides us with the ‘seal of protection’ from the underworld.” Thru this process, all that was (seemingly) lost will now be found. No longer will we operate from a place of lack, of being without, for we will have returned to us all that we need to function as a complete Soul. 2020 Lion’s Gate report:

In the sense that you are already incarnated in physical form, you are essentially returning back to the Cosmic Egg from whence you came, to be born again as your YOUniversal Self…only you are doing so consciously.

In other words, you are born of and from the Cosmic Egg, as is all of life, and you return to the Cosmic Egg after life.

In the case of monadic embodiment you are both returning to the Cosmic Egg as well as being (re)born from it…only you are doing so from within your current form.

This merger indicates that the whole of the universe is now contained within your Temple, that the House of GOD is now literal.

-Thru this process of complete Soul reclamation, we will return to our former glory as the empowered, sovereign beings that we authentically are. The veil that shrouded us against our full Truth will dissolve to reveal our Cosmic Identity and thru that process, we will come to know our true rank and standing as an officiate of GOD. It is in this divine state of affairs that the cloak of our lower human identity will officially be replaced with our Robe of Honor (mantle), replete with the color of our individuated Divine Ray from the spectrum frequencies of GOD that each of us originates from.


Think with your Heart

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