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For many years now, Symbols have been revealed in my dream space, yet I never understood their Meaning...

For the past two years, through choice of Solitude, Introspection and Commitment to My Spiritual Path, the Teachings for each Sacred Symbol is being revealed daily.

Three years ago, it was shown to me in a Dream...

This time of co-vid and what humanity will be going through and how to be freed from chains of bondage... by Choice.

It means that first, We must be willing to face Our "Demons"... most challenging...yet, most Sacred Journey.

How Fear is the ultimate "demon" that holds Us back... and How Unconditional Love and Faith and Trust, can set Us free.

I never fully understood the dream at the I do..

I would love to share this Beautiful and Divine Journey with You All, as it is the Journey to Self Healing, Acceptance, Flow, Abundance, Unity, Love, Peace, Joy...Liberation, Freedom, Higher Guidance and Awareness.

In this Life, We have a physical aspect and Spiritual aspect of Our Self.


1) PHYSICAL Path is related to EARTHly possessions, power, self gain .

Our MIND and ego control Our life

and ruler of our EMOTIONS and Life through fear, dishonesty, jealousy, hate, blame, guilt, attachment and, and, and...

This Path, if unhealed, leads to Suffering, addictions, destruction, chaos...

2) SPIRITUAL Path is related to Higher Guidance, Balance, Harmony, Purpose and Service.

Here, We are governed by WISDOM, INTUITION, LOVE, rather than ego.

Remembering Universal Unconditional Love,.Compassion, Kindness, Truths, Purpose, Humility, Honesty, Trust...

This Path leads to DIVINE Journey of Remembering Our Divinity and Higher Purpose, the Path of Blessings and Abundance.

Healing takes place on many levels, which Opens Our SACRED HEART and this is the Path to Source/Creator/Divine.

The Path with HEART AND BEAUTY Within, So Without.

As Above -Divine So Below -Divinity

Balancing, Unity and Harmony of Our physical and Our Spiritual on this Earthly Plane is the other "Key"

Body, Mind and Spirit, becomes One with ONENESS.

Co-vid was the catalyst for Change in Awareness and Spiritual growth - should We choose the Spiritual Path, We can see this as the Truth.

It was and still is a time for Introspection and "remembering"... and to not be distracted by fear, loss, possessions...

To always be able to see the Beauty in the "Ugly", the good, in the "bad", the "Gift" in the challenge.

I want to share this dream, this Sacred Teachings and this Journey with Others as it was Shared to Me.

I want to share this with Others so that They can remember their Own Divinity and take back their Own Divine "Power", their Own Healing, as the Divine Plan and Divine Sacred Law and Sacred Teachings that is Within All of Us.

Through Higher Guidance, I want to Help Awaken this in Others, as it was Awakened in Me.

For those that Choose this Path, to be released from the chains of suffering, addictions, hurt and pain.

Should You Choose this Path and Journey, I encourage You to follow My posts on Fb since the time I shared the "Guided Messages", and it will Guide You to a Higher Awareness...

as I Believe it was not just for My Self, also for Others and to share with the Collective as a Higher Purpose.

As per Guided Words Received a few weeks back:

"Help Myself to Help Others to Help Themselves"

"To fall in Love with all of You, that is Me... to One that is Oneness"

Divinely Guided .....


I "see" clearly how Sacred Geometry and Sacred Symbols and Sacred Ceremonies and Practices have been made out to be "evil" in order to hide the Hidden Powers (Sacred Law and Sacred Teachings) Within, from All of humanity

Only Understood and Known by few to withhold the Sacred Wisdom for their own self gain and power. Gaining power through illusions.

As those that are in power, divide and conquer through fear, belief, untruths and illusions.

How We are "brain washed" those in power and institutions of Faith and govern-ment....

I can now explain them All in detail and reveal the Truth and Higher Understanding, immaterial of religion or Spiritual belief or division by race or colour and/or faith.

To say that these symbols are kept secret to prevent it from being used for "darker" purposes, is an untruth and an effort to keep the Higher Knowledge to themselves and hidden from Us .

And a ploy to keep us all "stuck"... as these Sacred Teachings lead to "Thee One Divine Path" only. To Freedom

It is Our Birth Right.

I also see now, why those in power suppress certain cultures and Spiritual practices in an effort to prevent the WISDOM, TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE and "Medicine" Teachings from being shared.

I see now the dark and twisted purpose of their injustice and crimes towards women, children, humanity... to hurt, where it hits the hardest! Family, loved ones....

It is inevitable.

The Truth IS being revealed and WILL be revealed even more so in coming days.

It is a time of Revelation and Change into a new World.

To choose Our Path Wisely.

Remain in fear and dogma and division and suffering.....

or "Be" everlasting Peace.

There will be those that ridicule, discredit, defame, slander - in order to keep this Hidden.

They will choose Their path through their actions ...

and so, they will choose Their consequences and retribution and eternal suffering..

The Flame has been Ignited... and the flame will continue to be Ignited in Those that Choose the Path of Love and Light...

and the Light will be Shone onto the darkness and all will be revealed.

Divinely Guided...

Mike Harrigan

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