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June is fast approaching we are all in preparation for the gateway between 6/6 and 22/6, where we will align ourselves with higher awakening, releasing, surrendering and healing. The number 6 Month of June represents unconditional universal Love. It has a high frequency healing and loving numerical energy. It's a time to neutralise old programs and attachments while focusing on new dreams, leading us to a period of personal and collective expansion. Further anchoring ascending Self in integrity, responsibility, accountability, and sacred creativity as we transform our shadows into healed light. We are ascending and the energetic body of the planet is raising significantly as solar flares are hitting the earths atmosphere increasing the magnetic grid and this has been going on for the last few weeks. We are energetically preparing for the 6-6 portal to open this increases the magnetic energy fields and grids of the planet. This intense solar flare energy can be causing headaches, pressure in the head and sinus regions, sleepless nights, skin irritations, blurry vision and sensitive eyes. As the earths vibrations raise the lower density vibrations of negative debris energy is going to be brought up for judgment and assessment. Revelations and awakenings self love, healing will be the main collective themes for the entire month of June. We have reached a whole new and advanced planetary level within the New Earths future timeline. The planetary grids are being reclaimed and restored to receive and transmit original creational codes which will activate all life forms into higher frequency. Deeper truths will be exposed, and profound inner and outer changes will occur whether we might be fully prepared or not. Energetically vibrationally and astrologically, the blueprint for june will bring in some higher and radical changes on Earth. Many are experiencing 3rd eye activations that have opened you to feel a greater sense of responsibility... because you can now see the doors that need to be opened for self and others. To help others to also see what you see. In June, Seeming Obstacles are also being removed from your path so you can move forward to integrate the ascension changes recently made into your higher conciousness, body, mind and inner spirit so that you can recognise your higher self changes Embrace new opportunities that are coming your way. Your inner transformation will be of a much higher value to you in this new collective month 6. You are now allowing your intuition to guide you and control the decisions in life rather than leaving it to chance with the ego self as Your intuition is the most honest friend that you will ever have. You are now allowing the rebirthing stages in your life to naturally and gradually occur. On your Ascension path you are not ever lost,going backward, or missing out on anything. You are exactly where you need to be on your journey. Releasing the belief along the way that you must do what everyone else is doing or meet unrealistic expectations to prove your growth and evolution. Your value is internal, and real growth happens within, which may not always be visible to others. You may have intuitively started to protect yourself calling in your ascension guides to support you. As new metaphyiscal gifts and abilities may come forward in your Concious awareness as you align deeper Into who you really are. The theme for collective ascension has been the material shifts aligning you to the path your here to be on, you may notice that you dont need to try so hard keeping yourself in a higher vibration. Some Things seem to not effect you as deeply and your now Capable of stabilising your moods throughout the day as well as feeling more inner peace. Not all Solar storms come to disrupt our life, they mostly come to clear and pave the path for the new beginnings and chapters that are now opening up... Ascension LightWorkers

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