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Greetings, dear ones! We are here once again. And so it is. It has come to the time for you to let go of all the pain you have suffered through this lifetime. It is time for you to let go of your attachments to all you have believed had meaning in your life but are now just illusions that have held you back from being who you truly are.

To create your own reality, you need to know what reality you desire. To do that, you need to know how to align with the frequency of the reality you desire.

Most humans are experiencing this reality at this time is one of separation--separation from each other, separation between humans and the environment, separation from the higher consciousness, separation from Source. This does not have to be the case.

Some would say that means that you are creating your own reality, but we'd say it means that there is no reality outside of yourself. The closest thing to it would be interdimensional energy. It's your choice through the thought process which creates the realm in which you exist.

As we know, our Universe vibrates at different frequencies. The Universe is a space in which vibrations occur in a number of frequency bands. The Universe is a space in which things that vibrate in one frequency band are opposed by the things which vibrate in other frequency bands.

Those who don't tune with the frequency of this Universe do not exist in this Universe. This is true about all manifestations in this Universe.

The old three-dimensional matrix on your Planet still resonates at a lower frequency. The collective human mind of your world is still stuck in the past. There are some dissenting voices, but they are rare. By the numbers, it looks like the majority of humanity is ready for something new.

Not everyone will ascend, but many will. This is the work you have all agreed to do during your soul agreements before being born into the physical realm.

Your DNA field has already shifted into a higher frequency band, a quantum leap upward, so you are already more than ready to move forward.

A lot of people are experiencing that now, but there are still areas in the matrix that are still holding onto that low-vibe. There are still ego games being played out by various minions of the dark forces on your Planet, but ultimately they will have to step down.

You are located in a unique space/time—a very special moment within linear time. This is not your normal time, everyday reality—this is ascension time; this is the beginning of the end of the matrix control grid; this is an opportunity for you to continue to grow, evolve and ascend.

You are beginning to understand how powerful you are with this absolute command over the entire time-space reality. You have come to reclaim your divine inheritance and have regained the ability to exercise free will in its purest form. You know that your consciousness is enlightening, and you are ONE.

No matter what Planet you were born on, what species you are, what galaxy you are from, or what part of the Universe- you are here on this third-dimensional reality, you are certainly not bound by your biology or DNA!

The energies of the Planet and its inhabitants continue to adjust to the new frequencies, and the cleansing and balancing that is happening all throughout your world (and beyond) has continued.

With the clearing of the Chimera group comes the clearing of many secret projects involving highly advanced technologies originally developed by extraterrestrials but later corrupted by these malevolent beings.

And with this clearing of consciousness, consciousnesses such as your own pick up where you left off prior to the fall. Or, in other words, IF YOU HAVE NOTICED, you have lost almost all resonance with the lower timeline and are now experiencing emotions and feelings that no longer resonate with that timeline.

This is the age of mass awakening.

100s of millions are undergoing an awakening worldwide. Once awakened, they tend to be naturally drawn towards people with similar vibrations, leaving behind the ones with whom they were once resonant.

Either this is due to karma which brought them together in the first place, or simply because there was no more harmony within the old relationship.

Humanity is in the midst of a profound transition. You are in the process of changing who you are, where you live, how you live, and the very foundational principles on which you base your existence. The old normal no longer has any resonance with you, and you will find yourself increasingly repelled by it according to the laws of the Universe.

The Old Normal, as you knew it, is now nearing to end and, as such, you must adapt to the new reality you find yourselves in! It is time to transcend and to expand your life and reality! This means you should learn and practice all the new technologies and psychic abilities and become a new Human Being so you can function and communicate with the rest of the world in the higher dimensions soon!

To have a higher vibrational beingness - your heart & soul, mind & body must be aligned or concertedly resonating with greater or more harmonious consciousness, a greater love within. And so, the requirement here is to think and feel and live from the standpoint of love!

Love is the key that unlocks the door to the world of the fifth dimension from the world of the third dimension. Love is the doorway to allow you to enter into this world of the Fifth dimension, which has kept all creative possibilities. Any success comes from the power of love. All things start their existence in the world of love. You need to use this key or doorway to enter into the 5D higher dimensional vibration.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

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