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Self Tests

If you can't pin point the problem to solve, it's because it's never actually the issue you're triggered by, or the 'Presenting Problem'.  Use these tests for yourself as initial enquiries, to see what the REAL issue is, then see the breakthrough process at the bottom. 


This test reveals how much you are operating from EGO.  

On a piece of paper, draw a heart and 4 rings around it like the diagram below.  

Think of an issue and mark your behaviours relating to it on the rings.  The more toward the center you are the better and best still is nothing on the top right quarter at all!  

Being in the center is coming from your HEART - The soul place. 

Date it and see how much progress you make. 

Screenshot 2022-01-07 at 11.08.22.png



Self Esteem
Social Life









Replicate this wheel on a piece of paper. For each line, score how happy you are in your life in these specific areas. 0 - 5 is a negative experience, 6 - 10 is a positive. 
Mark a point on the line to reflect how inflated or deflated you are in that area.  

Then join up all the dots as if to make a circle. How full is your life? Start addressing the issues in the most deflated area first.  

ACID tests

Do you...  

like yourself? 

trust yourself? 

respect yourself? 

love yourself? 


You will instinctively know if any of these above are 'off'.  
Here is a really good place to start. it may be the lynchpin to everything...

Where's your frequency at?

Take some time to find where you vibe at, is it a reflection of your current circumstances or physical state?

Realise that doing this work increases your vibration, which attracts other things to you of equal vibration = LIFE GETS GOOD! 

Reveal the REAL Problem

Finding the real problem is the first part of breaking through any trauma. To ensure you heal this, the problem is rarely what you think it is, so it needs a little exploring - don't worry this can be incredibly quick and easy. 


STEP 1 : Take the problem and get the facts - get nosy!  Did your belief form because of an actual event, or what you THINK happened? Have you assumed or thought the worst? Did they actually say/do that or is it something slightly different? Adapt for the situation.


Keep asking "Why is that a problem??" to everything you come up with about the issue, it will dig down the layers to eventually get to the real point.  This usually takes 5-10 repetitions of "Why is that a problem??" - (go all Zen master on ya ass ;0)


STEP 2 : Now you have your real core issue, compare it to what you think SHOULD have happened ideally?  Here's where the actual healing begins.  Now as we know, life begins at the edge of your comfort zone, and as we all came here (in the 3d polarity reality) to learn about how special we all are (good cops), we needed the mahoossive angels to play the bad cops, so we had the Opportunity to show up as Super Us in the form of..........   But the problem is we had to figure out that was the game and the rules.  No one told us and we came here with amnesia.  It has been the ultimate exercise of 'See yourself as the light becasue you got to know the dark'.

Plus you are learning about this game plan mid game - so now you get to a different perspective - USE IT  TO WIN AT THE GAME.... this is what we call


"Get the Gift of the PRE                SENT moment"

STEP 3: If an actual event occurred, can you see how those events could invite the opportunity for you to be something incredible? Like forgiving the worst thing imaginable? Being a survivor, who make that terrible event MAKE you, not break you? What if you could be other things like an activist and raise attention or support for others because of your experience? We all know it feels good to help others, would you have the depths of experience if it weren't for that initial experience?  THIS is where you will find your relief, any holding out on this will only prolong the pain you feel and could manifest as physical disease.


STEP 4: This event can bring you more self made joy than the pain you felt because this joy can last forever - YOU GET TO LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE YOU ARE ALWAYS WINNING and grow with the healing of others you can help, unlike the pain that will die with the soon as you have a complete and true understanding about it all, taking the learnings and the gift, and raising the evolution of all those around you.  

Once you know your core belief that needs healing (refocus it to a higher perspective) then look at the Healing Wisdoms and Interventions for more problem busting tools.

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