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All negative emotions are a form of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt or shock. 

You feel these emotions when you perceive loss, personal attack or feel a lack of control. 


Harbouring negative emotion is very damaging to the body and can lead to disease

(DIS – EASE) which can be fatal in extreme circumstances.  


Such ideas are formed as survival strategies when we are young, between 2 and 20 years old.  

If you have not consciously processed these conclusions as growth opportunities, you are definitely and considerably disempowered, and it will be negatively affecting your life in many areas.


Let's get your life to resemble exhilaration with some powerful adult awareness...

Shed Negative Emotion ... Fast 

True Story & Pictures !


I had found the NETG family and after several months, was getting on very well.  

I felt more than ever in my life that I was meant to be exactly where I was.  

Things were changing and I had to give up my bread and butter job, paying the bills.

We were going to be very tight financially, but in my heart and mind I knew that this was the right thing to do. I trusted life.  It had been my mantra for 20 odd years, but it didn't stop me panicking and going to a tough place first, and then the conscious decision to relax and go with life's flow would kick in. It was still an emotional


I was feeling excited but scared too. I was out walking the dogs at the time and it's an usual place with fields both sides of the path I was on, when I remembered the advice 'Give it to the Angels'.  Why not I thought!  


I have had clear angel communications many times over and more miracles come true that I have lost count.  So I looked up to the skies, threw up my hands thought

"Right, yeah I will!" and literally threw my fear up to the sky saying 


'Angels take it! Have it!
Divinely neutralise
my FEAR!"  

Elimination order - Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt, Shock

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-13 at 16.38_edited.jpg

Signs are

Every where...

It must have looked hysterical to an onlooker, I looked like I was squat throwing a huge dumbbell but there was nothing in my hands! Then..... nothing.  


No fanfare, no signs, just back to walking the dogs, but I was smiling. 

To this day, I haven't felt fear since.  I can still get a bit stressy and apprehensive but so mildly I haven't bothered to do anything about them.   It's like fear has gone and anything remotely like it has been severely muted.  


So, if you are struggling in any way, use your angels, their whole purpose is to assist you but it has to requested by free will. And please do them in the order below with all the internal and external physical energy you can muster. This is key!

B E   F R E E

with love, AP xx

False Evidence Appearing Real

No one can hurt you – only the perception is real. 

Emotions are decisions we make very quickly in light of something.  They are made so fast that they appear to happen to us.  In reality emotions don't control us, WE CONTROL THEM :) 

We can decide what to think about anything, and emotions are the feedback as to how well we are progressing spiritually. 

No one can demand for you to feel a certain way – if I were to say feel ecstatic right now, you couldn’t unless you chose to. It is the same as ‘hurt’. No one can hurt you emotionally; it is only your decision to feel a certain way about their actions that causes you to decide to feel hurt.  


Emotions are our soul's feedback system, prompting us to find a way from feeling bad and towards feeling good by changing what we believe is happening. 

All you need is love!

A great example of how quickly your emotions can change is when you have argued with someone and you're hurting, then you make up and instantly you feel better, sometimes it's a powerful wave of motion as you know it's all ok again. You are back in love (home) again. 

This is your soul telling you to make up, to forgive, to understand, to be compassionate, to LOVE.  It's the right thing to do, hence why it feels so good. Your soul is telling you which way to go by giving you some unpleasant feeling to move away from.

So how on earth do we do Love another person no matter what? When they may have done terrible things to us?!  

Everyone is your Angel

If you do not know who you are, do you exist? 

Imagine you had full total amnesia.  You didn't even recognise your own image in the mirror.  Your identity is everything. You're growth is the soul reason for living ;)


You cannot be the wonderful loving things called forgiveness, understanding, appreciation, acceptance, compassion, strong, wise, responsible, a survivor, positive, etc, etc; gifts that can’t be bought or bestowed, unless the situation has come into your circle for you to demonstrate these qualities and because you now know their opposites.  

The souls that have done you the most 'harm' or 'hurt' you the most are the ones that have pulled themselves away from their true source - unconditional love - the most, in order to enable you to have a specific and powerful understanding of who you are.  


So be from the heart and HEAL yourself, consciously knowing what they provided for you - the ultimate stage to act out the highest version of who you are - the ultimate demonstration of unconditional love, by putting themselves into 'hell' compared to home (unconditional love).  

Do this from the wisdom of your soul and know what you are when you are in the presence of what you are not.

Negative emotions in others

When another person is emotional in a negative way, use this list to know what they are really needing;

Angry -  They are actually crying out for help. They maybe need to be heard, understood, or be acknowledged. 

Sad -  They are feeling loss and need to connect with someone or something.


Afraid -  They are scared they are going to get hurt. Help them look positively and be aware of any warranted risks. 


Hurt -  Their idea of what should have been and actually what has happened has made them really upset. Try helping them see the positives of the situation – a widely relevant one is that overcoming this will show them how strong/ brave/ capable they are, and remind them we never create anything for ourselves that we can’t take.


Guilt -  Help them see that if they did something that got a result they don’t like, then they are best choosing a new behaviour or making a new choice and learning from the situation rather than not doing any good for anyone by wallowing in guilt. If they have upset someone else, attempting to make it up to them will go a long way.

Recognising you are in a Crazy 8 will quickly help you move to the next stage which is Looking at your Options.  Be all encompassing here, think outside the box, discount nothing.  Finding a solution you haven't thought of before is a breakthrough! Crazy 8, Done! Click for more details on the Crazy 8

Recognise Your Active Crazy 8

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