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Life Strategies

Strategies are behaviour programs we run automatically for everything we do. They especially impact our finances, relationships and life choices.  They change and develop with our observations as to what's best for us but we need to become aware of them first. Here's how we can identify and change them to help yield much better results in all areas of life.  

Think of a problem you have or a stressful scenario.  Watch your self and observe what you tend to do. 

Do you get offended and fight?

Get offended and become sad and shut down?

Do you pretend it's not even happening?

Do you distract yourself and focus on something else?

Do you justify what you want or your behaviour?

Do you argue and say anything to be right?

Do you go into a panic?



How Emotionally Balanced Are YOU?

Look at your least wanted behaviours.  

Pick one you would like to change the most and put it at one end of a scale.  

What behaviour is at the opposite end? 

What behaviour is in the middle?

Imagine walking along this scale and stopping at the middle at the point of perfect balance. Take that position into your heart.  You can even put your hands on your heart to fix yourself there.  You may notice you take a deep sigh. Take a moment to embed your new position on that emotional scale.

Successful Living!

We can change these strategies by creating a new neural pathway that overrides our old strategy.  The best way to do it is think of the strategy you do want! Then play it out in your mind over and over. Make a mantra with the new strategy.  Add bells and whistles to it in your mind - whatever makes it more appealing to you. 

My old clothes shopping strategy was;


See it - Like it -  Check affordability  -  Buy it!

Let's say the item was too expensive, that would have ended the buying strategy there and then. Let's say I didn't like it, then the strategy would have ended even earlier. I had a bad habit of not being fussy if it fitted properly. I'd wear it maybe once or twice then sent it to the charity shops. Good for them- bad for me.


So my strategy was changed to,  


See it - Like it - Need it?? - Check Price  -  Does it look great? = Buy it!  


Now my strategy works much better for me and my pocket :)  

Now let's redesign a new brilliant strategy.  This can end a bad outcome sooner or get to a great outcome quicker.

What do you want to happen instead?  Break that down into stages like my example above.  Keep it as short as possible but complete.  Write it down. 


As you imagine experiencing each stage, notice what direction your eyes look to as you think about each one.  This is important as this part re-maps your brain with the new strategy. Yes really. 

Say the new strategy 20 times over and over as fast as possible, let your eyes go when they need to for each part of the strategy.


Count on your fingers to keep track while focussing on your new plan.  This may feel weird but it really works. 

Now let's test it.  Take an old scenario and play it out in your mind.  Get to the part that wasn't working, does it feel right? Does your new strategy take over? If it is still there, repeat your new strategy until your eyes are moving ahead of you calling out the next stages.  Test again until the new strategy is all you think of.  Enjoy a new automatic behaviour!

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