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Image by Clay Banks

You have access to the best advice you could ever have, the second you connect with Super You.  

Imagine them now.  The most amazing version of you.  

What is their general demeanour?

How do they look?

What are they focussed on in life?

What do they value?

Now ask them what their advice is to you regarding your issue....

What would they do?

What changes would they make?

Healing Your Inner Child

As children, we form conclusions from observations that are made immaturely, before wisdom has had a chance to take root and grow strong within us. 

These conclusions stay with us until we have been able to consciously resolve them.  This means that as adults, we are still running the same program or strategy that we formed at the age of around 6 years old. 


We can powerfully heal ourselves by revisiting our inner child, with that problem, and by being the carer to our child-self, we can heal the wound that has grown up with us.  

True Story

I was a mum of a toddler and a baby and I was basically having a breakdown. I was spent in every way. I went to see an osteopath friend of mine who I felt comfortable speaking to.  


I knew the core area where the issue lay, and it was just a festering wound.  On leaving the session, I realised I felt like I was only partially breaking down.


Instantly I saw myself as a youngish child, and intuitively I went to her as if she were mine.  I knelt down and just gave her a huge loving hug. I didn't need to say any words, just be present in that moment with my child self.  


As soon as I had visualised this, I instantly FELT a physical healing going on within me. My heart mended.  By the time I had got home 10 minutes later I was absolutely fine, better actually as I was amazed at what had occurred and how powerful it had felt.  Years on, I am still healed in that area, and have grown stronger and better since.  

Wise Older You

We are often aware that we are great when offering advice to others but just can't seem to be that wise sage when it comes to ourselves. 

This intervention is amazing at giving clear advice just when you need it. 

Imagine you years from now, you've mastered life and are happy. 

You meet the you of today who is troubled and are asked for your advice.  What wisdom does older you have to impart? 

Be Your own Mother / Best Friend


Likewise, imagine you are a loving mother or supportive wise friend to your troubled self.  

What would you advise if it were someone else going through this?


What successful outcome would you want if this was happening to your child?


What advice do you have about the issue if it were someone else's life?

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