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Believing is most definately seeing

Limiting Beliefs Limit Life!

We all have values and beliefs about every area of our life. 

These are the elements that we align with, based on wants, fears and past learnings.  They shape everything we do, and are the framework of our strategies. They heavily influence what we can manifest... or cant.  

Limiting Beliefs are a thorn in the side, a pain in the butt and worse.  They can hold you back from living even half a full life. 

They can go to extremes and develop and phobias, or they can just keep you in a state of survival, coping day to day. 

Ready to smash
them to pieces?

Think of something you'd love to do but don't believe you could. What does Super You say about it? What about wise old you? What is the positive intention of the belief? Protecting you from disappointment?

If so, does that make you happier with smaller accomplishments, helping you be humble and non-materialistic for example.  

Thank for its positive intention and send it to the angels. 


Now imagine a part of that you would love to be in all its glory.  

A characterisation like a warrior - strong and confident.  Or a sassy, switched on lass.   What belief would they have about it? Take them fully into your body and integrate that side of you.  Allow that confident and brave character to rise in you.  Now talk as they would. Believe what they do.  Do as they would.    


Now, how would that feel? What does your life look like now? Are you ready to be a little braver tomorrow, and then a little braver the next time?

Creating Conscious Living!

It is important and useful to know what your values are in any given area. It helps set you up for success and you understand yourself, your needs and your life much better and makes a great decision making tool. The main areas of our life are; 


  • Relationship (or being single)

  • Career / job

  • Family 

  • Friends

  • Personal Growth

  • Finance

  • Fun / Hobbies

  • Lifestyle (incl. social life)

  • Spiritual 


~ Deal breakers ~

Ask yourself; “What is my perfect experience in the area of career/ job/ friends/ family/ relationship?” 

Write down on a piece of A4 all your answers. You'll get about 3 mental blocks, keep going - you need to get about 50!

Then go down the list and select the one that you would have over all others. Then be generous and give yourself another one. Do it until you have your top ten values in each field.  

You  won't be truly happy if your top 5 values aren't met.  It's an amazing way to know if a potential partner suits you long term. 

Then take each of the top 5 and ask –

‘What has to happen for me to have that?

Have I made it difficult for me to experience that?

Do the conditions I put on being happy need a review?! (should’s / must’s) need changing to have you happy without relying on anyone but you? BOOM we have a winner!

Conscious Creation Tool

If its plausible, its possible!

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